Monday, 18 March 2013

ABC Wednesday, J for Jesus Christ Superstar

It's almost Easter, so in our church we are preparing ourselves for this great Holy Feast by meditating about the time before  Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. He himself tried to tell his disciples about his imminent death before Pascha. They didn't understand.
His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane was so lonely and utterly desolate. He repeatedly asked God why he had to die.In the gospels we see that God answers him. In this song, however, we only see his despair. 
On Good Friday we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death.
On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  


I only want to say,
If there is a way,
Take this cup away from me
For I don't want to taste its poison.
Feel it burn me,
I have changed.
I'm not as sure, as when we started.
Then, I was inspired.
Now, I'm sad and tired.
Listen, surely I've exceeded expectations,
Tried for three years, seems like thirty.
Could you ask as much from any other man?
But if I die,
See the saga through and do the things you ask of me,
Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me, nail me to their tree.
I'd want to know, I'd want to know, My God,
I'd want to know, I'd want to know, My God,
Want to see, I'd want to see, My God,
Want to see, I'd want to see, My God,
Why I should die.
Would I be more noticed than I ever was before?
Would the things I've said and done matter any more?
I'd have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord,
Have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord,
Have to see, I'd have to see, my Lord,
Have to see, I'd have to see, my Lord,
If I die what will be my reward?
If I die what will be my reward?
Have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord,
I'd have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord,
Why should I die? Oh why should I die?
Can you show me now that I would not be killed in vain?
Show me just a little of your omnipresent brain.
Show me there's a reason for your wanting me to die.
You're far to keen and where and how, but not so hot on why.
Alright, I'll die!
Just watch me die!
See how I die!
Then I was inspired.
Now, I'm sad and tired.
After all, I've tried for three years, seems like ninety.
Why then am I scared to finish what I started,
What you started - I didn't start it.
God, thy will is hard,
But you hold every card.
I will drink your cup of poison.
Nail me to your cross and break me,
Bleed me, beat me,
Kill me.
Take me, now!
Before I change my mind.

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Arkansas Patti said...

Thank you for the words to that song Wil. I had heard it before but probably had not truly listened. Such pain.

Leslie: said...

So moving. When my daughter was in high school, she sang one of the songs from JCS and was amazing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have never heard the words before Wil.

Lovely photograph of that joyous young man holding that delightful baby.

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE, LOVE JCSS. Listened to it a LOT in my latter HS and college days, and it engendered great conversation about theology.

Leslie: said...

Hi again, just read your comment on my post and replying to tell you that YES my daughter has a natural singing voice, helped along with lessons when she was younger. She knows all the songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Disney and when she lived at home, I used to stop everything I was doing to listen to her as she went about the house. I miss that now.

Unknown said...

I remember the song well. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That musical started a great many conversations that would never have surfaced had it not been for it's popularity.

Sylvia K said...

I'm a fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber and this song of his, one of my favorites for many years! Wonderful post for the day! Hope you have a great week, Wil!

Unknown said...

Love the lyrics - kind of gets one in the gut. Wishing you a meaningful preparation for Easter, Wil!

Regina said...

Wonderful post! To Him all the glory and honor!

Have a great week.



George said...

Thank you for this marvelous post. It's perfect for the Lenten season. I especially thank you for sharing the lyrics of the song.

Arija said...

Thank you for the video Wil.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful header shot!

Ann said...

Our choir is preparing for this weekend and Easter. I'm an alto in our choir and really love to sing praises. We are doing a few new songs this year and the words you have shared are so moving.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post for J ~ and so appropriate for Easter time ~ Enjoy ^_^

anthonynorth said...

Ah, I know the words to that without even reading them. A great song from a great musical.

Richard Lawry said...

When the play was popular the song was a radio hit. My little brother didn't understand the words, and he would sing "peas and squash" instead of Jesus Christ.
An Arkies Musings

photowannabe said...

Oh my, I haven't heard that song for years.
Good Friday is so sad but we need the Easter resurection to be JOYFUL.

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

Oh I remember that show and the wonderful musical score!!! Great "J" post. Have a great week.

Marleen said...

Bijzondere keuze voor de 'J'. Super!

Tania said...

Thanks for this post.
Dramatic and beautiful song - I will put it in my favorite at Youtube.
Generally I sing in church at Easter, but this year I will go away and may become in less Easter mood, but I will not forget:-)

Kay L. Davies said...

I have never seen these lyrics before, Wil. They certainly convey pain and suffering.


Oh, I was a child of the 70s so of course I heard this so many times! I remember watching one of the revival shows on Broadway. And so many discussions about it in college (this song truly stood out!). Hope you have a good and joyous Easter!

Hildred said...

A very fitting post as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter, - thank you, Wil.

Cloudia said...

let us pray for one another, dear friend

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3
> < } } ( ° >

Indrani said...

Thanks for the lyrics!

Chloe m said...

Sweet Easter Blessings to you!
It makes me have such a feeling of gratitude to know Jesus died for me. We are ever in debt.

Unknown said...

Such a moving post. I enjoyed it immensely.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Thank you for posting Jesus.

Rajesh said...

Interesting to know this.

Lise said...

First, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I'm happy to have discovered yours:)

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my all time favorite musicals, and I always make sure to watch it this time of year. I then hum the songs to myself for what seems like forever! I also love Godspell!

Carver said...

Great post. I was in a local community theatre production of Jesus Christ Superstar in an outdoor theatre many years ago.

Anunoy Samanta said...

I had heard it previously but never gave proper attention to its words... now thank You for letting me read that :)
and offcourse thanks for appreciating my poem...
Cheers :)

Leovi said...

Yes, I love this excellent musical opera - rock.

teri said...

Wil- To think I joined ABC Wednesday and thought it was just another blog prompt! It is wonderful to have found your blog,and the ABC team. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comment. May your Easter be filled with blessings.xo teri

Chubskulit Rose said...

That's a beautiful song! Thank you for posting about Jesus Christ, so timely for the Easter!


Catching up (again) with this week's entries.
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great post!!

Vagabonde said...

Je me rappelle bien de l’opéra rock Jésus Christ Super Star. La musique est d’Andrew Lloyd Webber et est vraiment dynamique. Cela revient à 1971 je pense – le temps passe vite!

Kate said...

Another timely post because of the season. Kate, ABC Team