Tuesday 25 September 2018

I believe ..Religion

Written by the Rev.Jeannette van der Veen-Bosgra

I believe in a world where all people can live in happiness,
and that I too have a duty to create such a world.
I believe that for every human being there may be love, justice, pardon and peace.
I believe that joy will overcome sadness,
that love is stronger than hatred,
that not death has the final word, but life;
all this I belief by Jesus of Nazareth.
He has shown that such a world, such a life is possible
and that it is worth while dedicating ourselves to such a world.
I want to orientate myself towards Him. I want to live in his spirit,
because I believe that I can work for the salvation of others
and that this way happiness for others and myself is most successful.

Jerusalem 2012

Ik geloof in een wereld waarin het voor alle mensen goed is om te leven,
en dat het mede mijn taak is zo'n wereld te scheppen.
Ik geloof dat er voor iedere mens liefde, gerechtigheid,vergeving en vrede kan zijn.
Ik geloof dat de vreugde het zal winnen van het leed,
dat liefde sterker is dan haat,
dat niet de dood het laatste woord heeft, maar het leven;
dit alles geloof ik door Jezus van Nazareth.
Hij heeft laten zien dat zo'n wereld, zo'n leven mogelijk is
en dat het de moeite waard is zich voor zo'n wereld in te zetten.
Ik wil mijn leven op Hem oriënteren.
Ik wil leven in zijn geest, omdat ik geloof
dat ik zo anderen tot heil ben
en dat daarmee het geluk van anderen en van mijzelf
het meest gebaat is.


Holy Sepulchre in Old City of Jerusalem

Friday 11 May 2018

Fairs, Street-Organs

In spite of all rollators we may have an occasional  fall, so ...mind your step.

Every year an enthusiastic group of volunteers in our churches organizes an interesting and pleasant day out for the senior members of the congregation, which is not at all an easy job. The thing is: they are all more or less having difficulty walking, which gets worse the older they grow, and finding the right places for a trip causes some racking of one's brains. But ....the organizers are inventive people and found this museum.

Our wonderful organizers have found a great solution which doesn’t need a lot of walking: the Kermis Museum! A kermis is a fair, and a fair was always popular with the young ones, many of them found a partner at a “kermis”.This visit was a great and excellent choice, for there was also a possibility to stay indoors and avoid a wet suit in case of rain.

Fortunately the weather was more than wonderful. This was on 8th May, 2018.

Food and drink were available in abundance., even candy floss was there. The museum was very colourful and in a way very cosy. The visitors were all elated and having great fun.

This was my favourite lamp, though too big for my humble livingroom!

                   A good friend of mine is a sweet lady hence the candy floss.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Spring is in the air.

After a few wonderful, sunny days we are back to a somewhat grey and rainy day.

Yesterday all doors back and front, were open all day long. The central heating was off.

Now central heating:on again and doors closed.

Yesterday would have been my husband's birthday. He would have been 92.

Today my youngest grandson is having his 16th birthday. He is Karien's third child.

                      Benjamin born in 2002 in Cooktown.

Sunday 1 April 2018

Easter Sunday 2018

The grave is empty

 Mary Magdalene enters the grave to discover that the tomb is empty.
Jesus appears to his friends and shows his wounds

The Lord has risen... every Good Friday I watch Bach's Matthew Passion.
The musical score of it. I got it for my 16th birthday!

Friday 30 March 2018

Good Friday 2018

He was despised and rejected of
 men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.
He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.

All they that see Him, laugh Him to scorn
He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities.

Monday 16 October 2017

Following Luther in Wartburg and Eisenach

From 5th till 9th October we were visiting Eisenach to commemorate Luther and his work.

View over Eisenach with Wartburg castle to the left
View over Eisenach with Wartburg castle to the left
Coat of arms of Eisenach
Coat of arms
Eisenach   is located in Germany

State Thuringia
District Urban district

Eisenach was an early capital of Thuringia in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Martin Luther came to Eisenach and translated the Bible into German.
In 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach was born here.

When Eisenach still belonged to the DDR, many houses were in bad shape. After the war many buildings were in ruins, some houses were empty , because the owners had fled and never returned. We could see those houses which were in a deplorable state. Nobody cared about them and little by little they deteriorated.

Luther plays the lute for his wife and three of his 7 children

Luther at work

Luther with his family

Luther's birthplace was here but the original house had disappeared

Walking through these streets with such colourful houses made us remember of the time that Eisenach was part of the DDR, when all those buildings were still dreary, sad and colourless.

We saw so much and heard even more that I couldn't remember all the facts and stories about the famous  men that lived here. There were for instance Bach and Händel, Goethe and Schiller and of course Luther.


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