Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ubi Caritas and Polling-day

Ubi caritas et amor, ubi caritas, Deus ibi est!

Polling-day! I returned an hour ago from the polling-station

to vote for one of the 26 parties we could choose from for new M.P's.

The election campaign was harsh and full of promises, none of the politicians can prove. I didn't vote for one of the three

Christian parties, because they are rather small and have some 

ideas, I cannot support.

This week we had some unpleasant encounters with the Turkish government, which caused a lot of hatred. This is not the way we should treat each other and build a strong and happy Europe. And hatred is the worst adviser.

I agree with my government that we  cannot allow foreigners to use our country as a platform to fight their political problems.

We are not a province of any other European country. We are an independent state with our own constitution and a king as head of state. We abhor dictators.

I believe that where love and "caritas" rule, God is present.

Ubi caritas et amor, ubi caritas ibi Deus est.


Cloudia said...

You are wise!

Seraphinas Phantasie said...

I like this song very very much and the painting or Mosaic is great !
Best, Synnöve

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Seems like politicians/poltics are the same the world over. I hope your election turns out more positive than ours here did. We are in such trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ik ben het helemaal eens met je, Wil!