Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day 8th March

On 8th March we celebrate International Women's Day by supporting those women who are  living in very difficult  circumstances all over the world.


  • .Women celebrate IWD because even if your country and mine might treat men and women as equal partners, there are many women who are considered to be inferior to men. In many African and Asian countries women don't get equal schooling, sometimes no education at all. The Taliban in Afghanistan forbids girls to go to school. They, don't get medical help, they are not allowed to work. This is so stupid, for women are half of the population of the world, they have the same talents, brains and potential powers as men. Even in my country we have to deal with religious groups who forbid women to vote, to work outside the house, to study more than only elementary education. In Africa women work hard they have to look after their husband and children, to walk miles to fetch water, to walk miles to go to market and sell products of their fields. We celebrate IWD because we support  women all over the world. It's not so long ago, that it was discussed if women had souls.In the women's concentration camp we noticed that it was normal for soldiers to beat women. And we felt it ourselves. One of our women didn't take it lying down and beat the soldier back.That was bad for her. The soldier was surprised and not used to that. Greece and many European countries are better but the fact that you say:" I don't understand women, because they have equal rights".. means that you have never realised, THAT THIS ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE WOMEN  HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT.
  • If you don't understand women, you can't understand men either. When do humans see men and women as people, who are two equal parts of humanity, who have to work together , and therefore respect each other. Respect for women! That's what we miss..
  • Some time ago a young woman was raped in a bus by a group of men . Nobody helped her and she died.
  • Does it matter where this happened? No! It happened!! Some days later a six-year old girl was raped by a group of men and left on the streets more dead than alive. Does it matter where it happened? No! It happened!
  • At Christmas my Australian daughter gave me a book. Its title is: Return to Dignity. written by Marilyn Skinner.
  • It deals with stories about brave  women who were abused by soldiers or were trained to fight as child soldiers.
  • All of them managed to overcome their problems and terrible memories. All of them are now strong, caring and  loving women, mothers and worthy members of society .

  • -------------------

    A Polish member of the European Parliament showed himself to be a sexist hater by  saying the following words:"women should earn less because they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent". 

    An investigation is underway, and a decision to ban him, could be made any moment. On International Women's Day, let's show the EU this isn't just an internal issue anymore -- people *everywhere* want them to ban this sexist hater.

    This isn't just about one man -- this is about people coming together and showing our politicians we completely reject the Trumps of the world normalizing hateful, misogynist and xenophobic rhetoric. To make matters worse - he's even given a nazi salute inside the chamber!

    Mr. Korwin-Mikke's hateful speech violates the EU parliament's regulations, and they have the responsibility to hold him accountable with the highest possible sanctions. He can be suspended directly by the President of the Parliament, and if 2/3rds of the MEPs agree, even kicked out permanently!

    Let’s use this International Women’s day to stand together and kick sexism out of the European Parliament, and politics everywhere! Then share this with friends and family who also reject sexism and xenophobia -- let's make our call impossible to ignore!

    Just a few weeks ago, Avaazers all around the world joined a global women’s march all around the world. Let’s make sure our political leaders stand with women against hate.



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    Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

    Thank you for this reminder Wil. Your thoughts are so appreciated; you have lived through things I've only read about ... this means so much to me to "know" you and I thank you for sharing. You motivate me to try harder to spread the word.