Monday, 17 December 2007

From the darkness they came...

From the darkness, from the night
of worlds in chaos and disturbing light,
People came here
not knowing who awaited them,
looking if a word appeared
like a star at dawn.

Night, when he was born,
who bears the name "God Saves "
Morning words in our ears
Heaven covering our heads
'Words that beckon and promise
New times that we see now.

You who are new at all times
Source and heartbeat of this day,
Can you bear a single moment
that you are not my future?
You who said:"I shall be"
and "death will be no more"

Tell us that you shall not sleep
First voice that never kept silent
See us, created by you
Living in wilderness,
Like death so heavy and tight
Speak to us and make us open to your light.

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