Saturday, 15 December 2007


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Water and energy are both very essential for life. We have plenty of both , at least we think so, but as soon as we have to do without one of them we start to realize that this is extremely annoying. Last week we had an accident with a plane flying into a power pylon, which caused a power failure of a few days. Walk about in your house from room to room and count the electrical appliances which you really need. Depressing, isn't it ?!
This summer I was with my daughter in Australia and had to see how she coped with a water shortage. She used to have a bore with a lot of good water, which had to be pumped into one of the huge tanks next to the house, but this bore was filled with sand and gravel. So both her tanks contained only rainwater. This wasn't much for the preceding months had been very dry. We all had to wash our faces very fast under the tap with a little bit of water. The rest of our bodies were to be washed in a bucket. Dishwater was used to flush the toilet, which was by no means enough. Fortunately my daughter has a very helpful neighbour who could find water with the help of a divining rod. He had an enormous boring machine and pretty soon he struck water and drilled a new bore. He also connected the pump with the tank and the bore , and all of a sudden there was water!!! The children could play in their swimming pool and were so grateful that the"boring man"as they called him had solved the water problem. ! The ducks got water in their pond and were very happy too, at least they quacked very enthusiastically and splashed with the water for a long time


Anonymous said...

Water is not plentiful everywhere. We seem to have plenty but people pour insecticides and pesticides and herbicides everywhere and it all goes into the ground water. One day it will be gone and by then I am guessing the ocean will be so fouled and polluted that even a salt-water conversion plant will not be able to cope.

I enjoyed your post because it reminds me of the way we lived in the early 1940s. We washed in a wash basin once in the morning.

We took a bath in a galvanized tub once a week or once every two weeks and used that water to pour over our heads and wash our hair.

When all the family was done the water went out on the ground to water the flowers or vegetables or a tree.

Nobody took baths then like they do today and there were no showers unless you took your clothes off and stood, naked, outside in the rain. Some people did that.

We always had a cistern and caught rain water in it to use in washing clothes as it was soft water and not hard. Hard water, out of the drilled wells had minerals galore in it and was considered hard water. Soap wouldn't make a suds and soap made from grease and lye wouldn't make a good suds in rain water.

Those were the days when people lived more in harmony with Nature and their invironment. We have gone away from those living standards largely because of advertising selling things we don't need and using sex to do it.

What an advertisement for Heaven--back to the basics.

reader Wil said...

Thanks for your very interesting comment. I should put this on my other blog because it is exactly what we are doing now: polluting water and hesitating to take the right decisions. Before we know it's too late. Can I use the first part of your comment and add this to my other blogs? I'll mention your name of course!