Monday, 13 August 2007

After a long drive the four of us arrived very late at this campsite, so that we were setting up tents at 23.00 hours in the dark. We had two cars. My daughter and superkid were in the one guided by the navigator and the voice of John Cleese, which was of course very funny every now and then. "After 800 metres, I would say half a mile, but we have to say meters these days, because of that bastard Napoleon...."
Or " Bear right, beaver left..." Sometimes we had to leave the " route à péage" because of the traffic jams. In that case he aws confused and shouted:' Make a U-turn, so that you are facing in the opposite direction of the direction in which you are directing your vehicle"...

Alex, Superkid's father woke us up with a cup of coffee, which was a great beginning of the day.
We took some photos of the two tents. The big one is the "male tent" and the other one of my daughter Thyme and me.

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