Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Douce France

Our place of destination was Messanges 45 kilometres north of Biarritz and 150 kilometres south of Bordeaux on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Saturday,4th August 2007.
A long day of travelling on roads with one traffic jam after the other took us to Messanges where we arrived at 23.00 hours. The owner of the house found us in the middle of the village and guided us to the house. She is a wonderful person and so is her partner. After having a glass of wine together we settled in the house and went to bed.


Anonymous said...

The place you stayed at looks very nice to me. 2300 hours is something I seldom hear anymore. I call it old Army time. It is almost midnight.

Abraham Lincoln

reader Wil said...

Most of the time I say eleven o'clock pm.Anyway we arrived pretty late and we were very tired too!