Thursday, 2 August 2007

Vive la France

This is the little tent we shall take tomorrow to France.We have to go to Bordeaux, where we rent a holiday cottage, and where we will stay for a week. As the trip from our house to Bordeaux is rather far we decide to stop somewhere on our way on a camping site. Fortunately I still have this little tent and some camping outfit. It's quite different to prepare a holiday by car and with a tent than preparing one by plane. Anyway I shan't be able to write on my blog or read what you have written. I'll be back on Sunday,12th August or the day after. So have a nice week. Take care!


lorenzothellama said...

Hope you have had a lovely holiday! Yes it is quite different packing for camping than going in a plane. There are so many other things to take along as well. It's worth it though when you have it pitched and ready to use.



reader Wil said...

Thank you Lorenzothellama and rogersbiz for your visits!