Friday, 20 July 2007

Athens, Acropolis,

The Stoa of Attilus II(159-138 BC)

The temple of Hephaestus at the place of the old Agora(450-421 BC)

The Ionic Temple of Erechtheus at the Acropolis
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Patty said...

Good Morning,
I finally found you, I will e-mail how I found you. Did you also if you put your mouse over one of your photos, and left click it gets LARGE and you can see so much more detail. The photos are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Such nice photographs. And I clicked on them and they show up full size. A nice feature to be sure. I sometimes wonder at being there in places like Greece if setting foot there makes the impression different, really, than it does in a photograph or a movie. Or is it the sounds and smells that makes the scenes different. One is like virtual and the other is realistic.

Nice blog.

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reader Wil said...

Being there certainly makes a difference, because you hear the strange foreign language and smell other smells. The written messages on shops and other buildings are difficult to read, they are in Cyrillic script.