Saturday, 21 July 2007

We have a lot of "abroad"...

When I write this, I realise that the Netherlands, being a small country, have a lot of surrounding and more distant countries which we call abroad, so when we speak of abroad, there is a lot of it. Well, let's start in Paris, from where the following news was given:"Wealthy lady-tramp taken off the streets " For 25 years 65-year-old Denise had lived in the Parisian district of Montparnasse. Until last month the police discovered that she had no less than 40,000 Euro in her suitcases.When the news spread through the town like wildfire, the police had her taken into a centre for the homeless for her own safety. According to the police, Denise cannot tell where the money came from.

The second story came from London. It says:"Fine for birds singing too loud".A 65-year-old grandmother got a warning notice from the police, that the birds in her garden were singing too loud. At first she thought, that someone was playing a prank on her,but the neighbours had filed a complaint with the metropolitan council and they took the complaint seriously

The next story is from Germany, where the German police entered a house by force, because neighbours had complained about the stench coming from the flat.At the same time they had noticed that the curtains of the apartment had been drawn for more than a week and the mailbox had not been emptied for many days. The police feared that the occupant had died.But instead of a dead body they found the man sleeping next to a big heap of dirty laundry and his feet were horribly stinking.

Again in Germany, a German busdriver threatened to throw a woman out of his bus because she was too sexy. The 20-year-old Debora went to the police with this remarkable complaint. According to the woman the busdriver stopped his bus and shouted to her:" your low neckline is distracting me, each time I look into the mirror". This way the driver couldn't concentrate on the traffic. He warned her that she had to sit on an other place otherwise he should throw her off the bus. Debora felt deeply offended. A spokesman of the buscompany,however, said that the driver was right, for he was not to be distracted, that would have been too dangerous for the other passengers

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