Saturday, 9 September 2017

Noorwegen, Stavanger

Stavanger, gesticht in het jaar 1125, is de "oliehoofdstad" van Noorwegen. Stavanger is het centrum van de Noorse olie-industrie in de Noordzee

De oude stad van Stavanger presenteert zich met 170 witgepleisterde, gerestaureerde houten huizen, smalle paadjes en de straten met kinderkopjes.

Dankzij het milde klimaat is Stavanger grote delen van het jaar groen en vruchtbaar, ideaal voor een aangename wandeltocht.

Stavanger was founded in 1125. It is the oilcapital of Norway.Stavanger is the centre of the Norwegian  oil industry in the North Sea.

The old city of Stavanger presents itself with 170 white-washed,restored wooden houses, narrow paths and streets with cobble-stones.

Stavanger is green and fertile during the greater part of the year, due to the mild climate.Ideal for a nice stroll.

Decorated manhole cover

Stavanger counts its official founding year as 1125, the year the Stavanger Cathedral was completed.

 Stavangers core is to a large degree 18th- and 19th-century wooden houses that are protected and considered part of the city's cultural heritage. This has caused the town centre and inner city to retain a small-town character with an unusually high ratio of detached houses, and has contributed significantly to spreading the city's population growth to outlying parts of Greater Stavanger.Stavanger


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Miss_Yves said...

Lovely city , with its white and clean little wooden houses!
So nice by sunny weather!
On the contrary,it was rainy when we visited Stavanger ( the only rainy day of our cruise , last year , in may)