Thursday, 7 September 2017

Noorwegen 20017-8-8, Bergen, Bryggen

Bergen Bryggen

We saw an inviting table and a couple of chairs and decided to have coffee and cake 




Even manhole covers of sewer pipes are beautifully decorated.

Bryggen is the oldest part of Bergen. All buildings are made of wood. Chimneys are not allowed because of the fire-risk. But how do people  deal with the severe winters and hard frost? I am sorry, for I don't know..

This was our boardingcard, which we had to use when we bought drinks, food or souvenirs. It was also our identity disc and key of our cabin.


Marja said...

what a beautiful trip you have been on. Love the photos

Miss_Yves said...

De beaux souvenirs...partagés!