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Our World Tuesday, ABC Wednesday, E for Elizabeth


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Book 1999, materials: copper, velvet and two white tiles.

Elizabeth van de Akker

The first time I met Elizabeth and her friend Susie, 58 years ago, was in an ecumenical workcamp in Zierikzee- Zeeland. The year after Zeeland was flooded in the night  of  Saturday 31 January 1953 and the morning of 1 February 1953, Students from all over the world came to help cleaning. We had to clean the soil of a particular piece of land, and to take all the bricks and rubbish out of the soil.



There I learned that Bep and Susie were students at the Academy of Fine Arts. That was the beginning of a long lasting friendship. A few weeks ago Elizabeth ( Bep) celebrated her 80th birthday. There were many people. Among them was also Susan. We talked a lot about the two workcamps we had worked in and viewed old photos.

During all this time from 1954 till now, I had the pleasure to see a lot of Bep and her art work.

Elizabeth van den Akker was born in July 1933. After grammarschool in1952 she went to Paris, where she stayed till 1953. Then she returned to Rotterdam and became a student at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her principal subject was monumental wall paintings and murals. After finishing her study,  she was looking for possibilities to exhibit her work and to get commissions.

More and more she was convinced that working with all kinds of textiles was what she wanted and did best.

 Elizabeth always works in series. Apart from textiles she also uses wood, various kinds of metal, cardboard, papier mâché and plastic.

Elizabeth is attracted by nature, music and travelling. In the seventies her first series of textile works was created around the theme "Vegetables". In 1984 Elizabeth began a new series of sculptures titled "What drifts on Water". Transparant fibre refers to a water surface, with on it and under it plants garbage and other objects which move on. In her book "Organisation et Méthode" we see the development of her work until 1999, the year in which she was already widely known.


You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

What drifts on water 1984 ( detail of the series)

material: glass fibre gauze, tulle, wood, papier mâché

Fleet of the past 1990 , a series of gondolas

Representing the various stages of art in history:

Greek,  then romanesque ( 900-1300),

 baroque, rococo.

Material: tulle, papier mâché.

Byzantine,1996, detail. Material: cotton,

metal, cardboard,adhesive plastic.

These last two works are commissioned by the City of Rotterdam for two public buildings.

Headoffice public transport Rotterdam commissioned

by the city of Rotterdam 1982,material:


Police station Maashaven  commissioned

 by the city of Rotterdam 1980, material:

 mortar, plaster, wood, tissue of sisal twine.


Roger Owen Green said...

most EXCELLENT EXAMPLES of her work!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What lovely work your friend does ...the photos are beautiful and enlarged even better.

And it was interesting to read the history (yours and your friends).

photowannabe said...

Wonderful variety of her work. It's so special to really know her and I enjoyed reading about your life for so many years.

Indrani said...

A wonderful person, Elizabeth. Great to know her.

Joy said...

Love the gondolas. Interesting how she uses and transforms material.
Joy - ABC Team

Hildred said...

What a wonderfully creative mind, - you are really privileged to have her as a friend, Wil.

Leslie: said...

You are a lucky person to know such an excellent artist! My best to her on her 80th!

abcw team

Kay L. Davies said...

Your friend Elizabeth has a fascinating style, Wil.
I remember the flooding in The Netherlands in the early 1950s. I wasn't very old, and the thought of it was terrifying, but my parents told me how hard the people were working, and made me feel better.

Nanka said...

Lovely work of art and such subdued colors!! Loved the top two images the best - What floats on water and Fleet of the past!!

"My Post Is Here"

Suzanne said...

What an interesting story of Elizabeth. Thanks for posting this.

Jesh St Germain said...

Thank you for sharing Bep's art:) I like all her pieces -she has a very unusual style!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Wow! Great post and artwork to go with it. Blessings!

Lise said...

Excellent photos and and enlightening post. Elizabeth sounds fascinating!