Saturday, 9 April 2011

Psalms Challenge, Psalm 15

From 9 April till 19 April I will take a break and I 'll answer comments lateron. My entries will appear on my blog for they are all scheduled.

1Who may stay in God's temple
or live on the holy mountain

of the LORD?

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Only those who obey God

and do as they should.

They speak the truth

and don't spread gossip;

they treat others fairly

and don't say cruel things.

They hate worthless people,

but show respect for all

who worship the LORD.

And they keep their promises,

no matter what the cost.

They lend their money

without charging interest,

and they don't take bribes

to hurt the innocent.

Those who do these things

will always stand firm.

The verses from Psalm 15 are contributed to Robert's new Psalms Challenge meme at Daily Athens. To read more psalms click on Robert


Dina said...

The hills of the Holy Land are a lot smaller than those in your picture. I wish we had such real mountains.

I guess the "mount of God's holiness" mentioned in this psalm can be anywhere you make it.

Have a good time of time-away, Wil.

Elisabeth said...

Have a good break, Reader.

Ann said...

If you are going away, I hope you will have a good break.

Roger Owen Green said...

I always had problems w the notion of 'worthless people'.

Arkansas Patti said...

All wonderful goals but I would find it hard to "hate" anyone and what would define "worthless"?
I do hope your break is for joyful reasons. Do enjoy.

George said...

What a wonderful picture to go with these verses.
Enjoy your break.

Janice Thomson said...

What a beautiful scene. Enjoy your break my friend.

Kay said...

Have a good break, Wil and enjoy yourself. We'll be waiting for you. I do love your Gouda photos.
These words are good to remember and follow although it's sad to "hate worthless people."