Sunday, 16 January 2011

Psalms Challenge, Psalm 3

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Photographer unknown!The young ones feel safe!

But you, O LORD, are a shield about me,
my glory, and the lifter of my head.
I cried aloud to the LORD,
and he answered me from his holy hill.

I lay down and slept;
I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.
I will not be afraid of many thousands of people
who have set themselves against me all around.

Arise, O LORD!
Save me, O my God! For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;
you break the teeth of the wicked.

Salvation belongs to the LORD;
your blessing be on your people!

U, HEER, bent een schild om mij heen,
u bent mijn eer, u houdt mij staande.
Roep ik tot de HEER om hulp,
hij antwoordt mij vanaf zijn heilige berg.

Ik ga liggen, val in slaap
en word wakker – de HEER beschermt mij.
Ik vrees de tienduizenden niet
die mij aan alle kanten omringen.

Sta op, HEER, en red mij, God,
sla mijn vijanden in het gezicht,
breek de tanden van de wettelozen.
Bij u, HEER, is redding,
uw zegen rust op uw volk

The verses from Psalm 3 are contributed to Robert's new PsalmsChallenge meme at Daily Athens. To read more psalms click on Robert


Dina said...

Oh Wil, your pictures of the parent animals shielding their young are precious!

Thanks for your comments at my blog. I responded just now.

May the Lord always be a shield around you.

Robin said...

What beautiful, tender photos, they really exemplify the feeling of the passage.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Very beautiful indeed, lovely all of them...

Best wishes

George said...

These are beautiful illustrations for the Psalm. Very well done!

Maria said...

so beautiful images! greetings from Bulgaria

Reader Wil said...

Hi Maria! I am sorry that I have no access to your blog, but I thank you for your visit.

Spiderdama said...

Oh, so wonderful and lovely!!
Wish you a blessed week:-)

Ann said...

Amazing the baby elephant doesn't get crashed.

Thanks for the message.

Anonymous said...

How moving pictures these are. A wonderful proof that parents are nearly the same all, regardless of being either animal or human a kind.

Of great joy to see your participation ! Please have a wonderful start into the new week. Hope to see you soon again.

daily athens

Sara said...

Your photos are wonderful, Wil, and illustrate the tender, trusting parts of this psalm so well.

Marja said...

Very beautiful words and pictures Wil

Vagabonde said...

Ces photos sont toutes très mignonnes, et surtout celle avec la lionne et son petit.

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful post, and just what I needed. Thank you.

nonizamboni said...

I was so touched by the photos you used to illustrate these inspired words. Thanks for making my soul smile!

Janice Thomson said...

How lovely Wil - excellent photo choices for the verses.

SandyCarlson said...

Back again....These photos are beautiful.