Friday, 26 November 2010

Weekend Reflections

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Almost 60 years ago I worked at a school here in this city. This is a very well-known gate of the city of Amersfoort and very beautiful too! Amersfoort is situated in Utrecht in the middle of our country.
The artist who drew this drawing is Anton Pieck. He also drew my header of this week.

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Amersfoort lies in the province of Utrecht, where I drew the X.

This meme was started on 27 September 2009, by James. You can join this meme at some time during the weekend. Just post your photo and go to James to tell him that you are on, or click on the logo in the sidebar.This meme is created for any type of reflection.


Sylvia K said...

Wonderful post for the day and I love the reflections in the painting! Love your header, too, and meant to tell you that when I visited your blog the other day! Hope you have a great weekend, Wil! And thank you as always for your visit/comment! They are appreciated so very much!


RuneE said...

I enjoyed that drawing very much as a fine example of what one can do with an artists eye and hand. The lines and all are just right.

imac said...

What a beauty of a drawing, and post.
Thanks for your visit and comment on Mousehole, we were staying at St Ives for 2 weeks and had a few days out around the coast.
We love Cornwall.

'Tsuki said...

Very interesting post, and this quite a creative reflection... Have a nice weekend !

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and image as well. Impressed.

Please have a wonderful weekend.

daily athens

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely reflection!

I like your header, too. You put me in the holiday mood!

Springman said...

Mighty fine reflection!

Ann said...

Do you grow tulips all over the area or just some places?

What a colourful map.

Cezar and Léia said...

I loved the header , it's beautiful!
Léia :)