Monday, 29 November 2010

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Why do I post this entry about Australia in "that's My World"?
Well actually Queensland's Cooktown has become part of my world, because of my younger daughter, who has lived in Australia for more than 16 years now. She was first married to an Aboriginal man of Hopevale, and got two children by him. His family regard my daughter as a relative, as one of them.Because of her, I am also one of them now! My daughter has always been very interested in the lives and culture of the people of Hopevale in Queensland. So for more than three years she had been writing down the stories of Roy McIver, her uncle by her first marriage. Roy is a gifted artist and has had an interesting but not always easy life. What my daughter did was listening to his stories and record them on audio tapes, then write them down. She printed the stories and her friend Margie corrected them and together they helped Roy to write down his stories. Now the book is about to being launched. I am so sorry that I can't be there, for I know most of the people who will be in the Nature's Power House next week.
BTW the title "Cockatoo" refers to the two tribes of Aboriginal people living in Cape York. The white and the black Cockatoos are their tribal animals. It also refers to the black and white Australians

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Dina said...

Congratulations to your daughter and to Uncle Roy. This is a great and important service she has done. I hope many will read the book.

Just last night I was at a symposium about the Schneller schools, about the German Protestants who came to Israel to settle and do good things in the 19th century. Then came World War II and the Germans were deported, mostly to Australia.

Kay said...

What a wonderful thing your daughter did. That is really a gift to Mr. McIver and the entire nation of aboriginal people. I already know how much work this must have been and how much it will be appreciated.

Marilyn said...

How wonderful that your daughter helped with this beautiful book. I would love to read it. Such sad things were done to the aboriginal people. To see Roy's life and his art recognised and celebrated is wonderful.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, Wil, how wonderful! And what a terrific thing your daughter has done! It is a gift to Mr. McIver and all aboriginal people, but it is also a gift to us as well. There were indeed so many sad things done to the aboriginal people and while the book won't erase those memories, it will help others to see and understand the aboriginal history. I know it will be so very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing this!


Arkansas Patti said...

How exciting for your daughter and Uncle Roy to see their work in print.
I checked and it is not available on Kindle yet but I will keep checking.

EG Wow said...

Oh, Wil! I'm so sorry you cannot be there. But what a wonderful book for your daughter to write!

Arija said...

I am so sorry Wil that you won't be there. Your daughter is a remarkable woman to take on such a large and laudable task. Roy McIver's story is certainly worth the telling and I am so glad it has all come to fruition.

Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

Vicki Lane said...

This is a wonderful book, Wil, and a fascinating story! I too will do a post on it soon.

Indrani said...

That is a great project.
I wish them good luck and mega success for the release of their book.

Jenn said...

Congratulations to your daughter. She is an inspiration, what she did was touching.

Lesley said...

How exciting. It is a shame that you cannot be there, but your pride shows.

Kay L. Davies said...

It's too bad you can't be there, Wil. This is a very important book. I often wonder what made settlers think they had the right to uproot people as they did here in Canada also.
I hope Mr. McIver's book makes some people stop and think, seriously, about the fact that our European ancestors weren't all perfect.
I'm impressed by the work your daughter has done, and by her Uncle Roy for getting past his memories, and probably his emotions, in order to tell her the story.
Your post has made my day, Wil. Thank you.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lawstude said...

what's great about visiting blogs in My World is that I always learn something new about the place. places that I could only dream of coming. thanks for sharing your world with us.

George said...

I think it's wonderful that Roy McIver's stories and pictures have been preserved for future generations. Too often this type of history is lost. You should be very proud of your daughter for helping making this possible.

Ann said...

My Sister's husband is part aborigine. So we are related by married?

Ann said...

Your daughter has done a great job, having the book soon to be launch is simply fantastic.

Who is her publisher?

I am dreaming one day i will get my books launched too.

Miss_Yves said...

Une expression artistique extraordinaire.
J'ai vu des illustrations sur le blog de Vicki Lane: superbe!