Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bench of the Week, Australia Queensland,

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This bench is in the Botanical Garden of Cooktown, The head of the huge snake is somewhat frightening, but it's beautifully made of wood.

RuneE of Visual Norway
began this informal meme on "Bench of the Week". Please visit his site for other participants. PERBS has a whole site dedicated to benches called "For the Love of Benches", which is going on for two years and every day she posts a new bench.Her friend Malyss. has shown more than 600 benches on a site called "benchesonmyway"..


Dina said...

Oi, whose idea was that??
Eating a sandwich with that giant snake over my shoulder would freak me out, even if it is wood. :O

Vicki Lane said...

Love it! Someone had quite a sense of humor!

Miss_Yves said...

Comme Dina, cette sculpture me couperait l'appétit, mais j'admire l'art du sculpture et vos deux photos .

Miss_Yves said...

"du sculpteur"

Brenda said...

Love your header photo Wil. Those benches always look so inviting!

RuneE said...

This was really an area full of natures best vegetation - a place to sit down and let time pass by. And you have found just the right seat for it.

Arkansas Patti said...

That snake is awesome though I'm sure snakeaphobes would disagree.
Congrats to the Netherlands for making the finals. I am not a big football fan but will be watching and pulling for your team.

Riet said...

Wat prachtig is het daar Wil. Mooie foto's.

Jingle said...

love that bench!

Jingle said...

6 awards,
please feel free to take any of them

ignore if you dislike them.

Ann said...

I like your new header, the man is so strong. May be he is a rugby player.

Soccer kick off at 6.30am, what time is it in Holland. You celebrating?

Kay said...

Now that is certainly an interesting bench, Wil. By the way, good luck with the soccer match!

Ann said...

This picnic tables and benches are very common here.

Reader Wil,

For once, you must watch the soccer.LOL.

I see on my TV how your people have dressed their streets with orange and everyone is so happy. May be there will be street dancing if you win or a public holiday?

I think I will watch the game too even if I have to wake up at 6am, and I am on my holiday when I normally sleep in very late. Otherwise when I go to school, my students will ask me if I watched.

Denise said...

What a great place. I would love to visit Australia one day.

Thanks for dropping by and wishing me a happy birthday the other day. I appreciated it very much.
An English Girl Rambles

Barbara Martin said...

I think the snake reminds those who sit at the bench that they may be around, lurking in the bushes. Lovely location for a bench to have a picnic in the gardens.