Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I got this award from Sherry. Thank you very much! and I like to pass it on to other bloggers
1. Rinkly Rimes
2. Rose
3. Gramma Ann
4. Jeanette
5. Noni
6. Lisa
7. Weaver of Grass

Congratulations, you deserve it!
Could you all pass it on to 7 other bloggers?


Gramma Ann said...

Thank you Reader Wil. I will try to think of 7 deserving bloggers.

I appreciate your considering me for this award. When I started my blogs I was determined not to accept awards, because my blogs are just for my own entertainment and my family, especially my oldest sister Margy, since she reads them almost everyday. I was going to close shop, so to speak, but she said, "No" I want you to continue on, because I like reading them. We live 900 miles apart and it's a fun way to keep in touch. But, it is very tiring to try to think of something everyday, as I'm sure you are well aware!

Enough rambling and a BIG Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.

Gramma Ann

Reader Wil said...

When I started blogging I was the same and tried to think of interesting subjects, but since one of the bloggers asked me if I wanted to join the ABC meme, I got more and more interested. Now I've joined Sky Watch and That's My world too. Camera Critters and Today's Flowers are nice too. We can exchange facts about history, plants, animals, traditions and so on. There are interesting blogs enough.Good luck.

Gramma Ann said...

It's posted!!!!Thanks again for considering me.

Brenda said...

Hello Wil,
I followed here from Ann's blog. Your pictures are beautiful and I would love to come back and visit your blog. I most likely will not get to see Holland, (well, never say never) but perhaps I can see Holland on your blog.
from St. Louis, Missouri USA

raccoonlover1963 said...

Thank you Wil. I really don't deserve it because I haven't been on much lately. I will post it and pass it on and I will do my best to start posting more once the move is done and everything put away. I swear this is my last move unless I hit the lottery, then I'll just hire somebody else to do all the packing and moving!
Thank you again.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you reader wil - I am pleased to accept the award. My computer skills are not very good and it took me half an hour to get it onto my blog - but I made it and learned a lot in the process.
I am pleased you enjoy my blog I have always written and this is one way to get my writing read - I so enjoy doing it. Best wishes.

nonizamboni said...

Thank you, thank you, Wil. How nice to be thought of as 'creative.' I so enjoy reading your blog which is always beautiful. I'll pass it on with glee.
Happy Wednesday!


merci pour le passage et le commentaire