Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Trolls in Norway:The nosy troll.

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Trolls in Norway:The nosy troll.
“Do you see that troll over there?”, G.G asks. “Well that’s Mikle. He is not a bad guy, but he has one problem: he is awfully nosy. He will put his long nose into the affairs of other trolls.He wants to know everything. When two trolls are talking together, he tries to hear what they are saying. He even listens at open windows and doors. You’ll understand that the other trolls don’t like this at all. Yesterday, he was listening again at the door of one of his neighbours, who were discussing something he should not hear: a family matter. They saw his long nose sticking through the doorway and instead of asking him to go away, they slammed the door. Mikle cried out with pain, so his neighbour asked what the matter was and saw that his nose was badly bleeding. He got a bandage round his nose, as you see, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He feels terribly embarrassed of his nosy nose.!”

“Hi Mikle, how are you today?”. But Mikle doesn’t answer. There he goes. Poor nosy Mikle.


ellen b. said...

Oh these troll posts are all great for T! I've always been a bit scared of trolls in stories and I can see why...

reader Wil said...

Well thank you Ellen! I enjoyed seeing your beautiful teahouse photos and the wonderful Japanese garden!