Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Trolls in Norway : From Scaredy-Cat to Lionheart

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Great-great- grandfather or G.G. as the troll children call him, is sitting on a rock, watching the animals. He is especially interested in a little red cat , which seems determined to chase away a big dog, that looks like a wolf and that comes snooping around. G.G. smiles and now the troll children know he is going to tell another story. And right they are.
“Come here children. See that red cat there? What do you think of him?”, asks G.G
“Oh he is really very brave chasing away that big wolf like dog!!” cry all children.
“Yes, he is, isn’t he?!” G.G. says, “but it has not always been like that. Actually he was even called Scaredy-Cat some time ago. He was afraid of anything: a mouse, a frog, even of a butterfly. He was always trembling with fear and tried to hide in the sleeve of my jacket. At last I decided to go to the fairy who taught me to be careful with flowers. I told her my problem with the little cat. She helped me to understand the language of all animals and to talk with them and …..she gave me a mirror”.
“A mirror?”, the children cry with surprise.”Yes a mirror, but not just a mirror, a magic one!! If Scaredy-Cat looked in it, he would be pleasantly surprised..And so it happened. When Scaredy-Cat looked in it, after I told him to do so, he was astonished and all of a sudden a lot happier. He saw a magnificent strong lion and he understood, HE was that big cat and realized that he would never in his life be frightened of other animals any more. Now he got a new name :”Lionheart”.Actually we all need such a mirror from time to time to see who we really are “.

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In order to become
What we dream
We must first……( ??)

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