Wednesday, 28 May 2008

She should have used her...uh...???

It was a nice sunny day and everybody in the lawyer’s office was in a good mood. They were cheerfully talking and sipping their coffee, when the door opened and a man limping entered the office. One of his legs was in a cast, one of his arms was in a sling. He looked a wreck. One of the lawyers got up, put his coffee cup down and said: “ Mr.Brown, I presume!”. The man nodded and spoke with a hoarse voice; “Are you mr. Deed , the lawyer who will give me legal aid and defend my case ?”
“Yes that’s me. Could you tell me what happened?”
“I was attacked , while I was working in an old house, and suddenly this little old lady entered the room and pointed a gun at me. I was so frightened that I ran to the balcony and jumped off it. I broke my leg and an arm”.
Mr. Deed: “What were you doing in the house, are you an electrician or a plumber ?”
Mr. Brown:”No.”
Mr.Deed:”Are you insured?”
Mr. Brown: “No, that’s not possible with the kind of work I do…”
Mr.Deed( looking puzzled):”What time was it ?”
Mr.Brown:”It was two o’clock!”
Mr. Deed:”Ah two o’clock in the afternoon and then…”
Mr.Brown:”No no no…It was two o’clock at night!”
With a look of unbelieve the lawyer answered :”OH… but then you were committing burglary!
MrBrown:” Uh… well yea that’s my job. The fact is that because of that little old lady I haven’t been able to work for many weeks and apart from that I had to pay the doctor and therefore I want her to pay for all my expenses. Besides it’s illegal to possess a gun…. Will you assist me when I take the matter to court?”
Mr.Deed:”Well…okay “
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At court
Mr. Deed claimed that Mr. Brown lost a lot of money by the action of the little old lady, who was in illegal possession of a gun. The old lady said that she thought she was entitled to defend her house against intruders. True, but not with a gun even if it proved to be unloaded. She should have used…uh… her fists(???) Anyway she lost the lawsuit and was fined… one Euro.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

If this is a true story, that is awful. But it sounds about the way things are handled how a days.

reader Wil said...

It could have been a real story, but it was an episode of a series about lawyers. The lady was quilty because she had a gun and no permission to possess one. But he was quilty of a greater offence.


keep up the good stories!

reader Wil said...

Thanks Kiwi! It was a strange story and played very well. The burglar was really very angry with the little old lady for disturbing him while he was at work!

Dina said...

This is a story about chutspah.
Laws are strange things.

Wil, my blog has "comment moderation" which means I see the incoming comment and then decide if to publish it or not. So if you send the information I (only I) can see it and then it will be deleted. I promise.

Janice Thomson said...

How ridiculous the so-called law is! Anyone can get away with anything if you have the right lawyer. Case in point: O.J. Simpson

reader Wil said...

Dina and Janice, you are right,but she got fined only a euro, which is almost nothing, so it was a symbolic fine. The burglar was very disappointed. Fact is that we are not allowed to have firearms, unless you have a licence.The whole situation was ridiculous.

nonizamboni said...

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.
Stop by my blog--I have something for you!
Have a great day.

reader Wil said...

Thank you nonizamboni! It's very kind of you and a great surprise!