Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The S in Scandinavia

When I think of the letter “S” the first that comes into my mind is: “Scandinavia”. That’s where I used to go on holidays. We always went first to Danmark, then Sweden and last to Norway. In Norway we saw the magnificent stavkirker ( stave churches), the impressive Sognefjord and the wonderful city of Stavanger. We enjoyed eating Smørrebrød. Smørrebrød is the Danish word for open sandwiches. They are a major part of the Scandinavian diet but no where else as much as in Denmark. Danes often enjoy Smørrebrød for lunch but also hold Smørrebrød parties instead of smorgasbords. Smørrebrød literally translates as buttered bread but this is an understatement as the bread is often hidden totally by the topping. This is not to say that the toppings are heavy in fact they should be light.
And so I have collected six “S”words! Scandinavia, Sweden, stavkirker, Sognefjord, Stavanger, smørrebrød


Dina said...

The stave churches are amazing.
The smorrebrod looks almost as good as our shawarma. hehe
But what, no sauna pictures? (Can't imagine what that atmosphere would do to a camera, oi.)

Janice Thomson said...

The Sognefjord is absolutely breathtaking. The unique construction of the stave churches is fascinating. The Netherlands is such a beautiful part of the world.

Ida said...

I had to visit you again after your comment at my place.
Thank you for the kind comment.
I didn`t see this "S-show" when i first visited you.
I`m happy to hear that you have been to our country.
I am born and raised in Sognefjord.
Now i live near Bergen.
It is a beautiful city!
And guess what. We have had good weather for 4 weeks now.
Summer is here! :)
We are going to Denmark this summer on holiday. Eating "Smørbrød". ;)
The Danish are well known for their BIG sandwiches. They say that when eating a real Danish sanwich, you are not supposed to se the bread.
It will be covered with lot`s of spreads. ;)
Have a nice day.
See you around.

Ida said...

Beautiful pictures from Sognefjord, by the way. You make me proud! :)

reader Wil said...

Hi Dina yes smorrebrod is very nice to look at and it tastes delicious.

reader Wil said...

Yes Janice Sognefjord is so beautiful. It's one of the longest fjords in Norway. Thanks for the visit.

reader Wil said...

Hi Ida thanks for your visit. You will now understand that I really am in love with your country. Having been there so often with my husband and later with the children made me always look forward to having my next holiday! Lucky you to be born in Sognefjord and living in Bergen

Bibi said...

Hello up there in Holland! Thanks for visiting my blog today. You are quite the lady, and enjoyed reading about your past and your numerous "s-es". I'll be back.

RuneE said...

You pictures from Scandinavia had me fascinated - especially since I have seen all of those places!

reader Wil said...

Thank you Bibi and Runee for your visit and comments!