Wednesday, 19 March 2008

He was one of us.

( Drawings by Rien Poortvliet)
Jesus, who lived among us as a man of peace, blessed and healed those who came to him. He called himself Son of Men. He lived the life of the perfect human being, without sins. He was against violence and has never killed or allowed killing. He was opposed to killing, and it goes without saying that killing in the name of God is the greatest sin possible.. He was the face of God on earth. By him we can say that we have a father in heaven.
Maundy Thursday: Jesus celebrated the Last Supper surrounded by his 12 diciples. Judas betrayed him that same night.Peter claimed never to betray him but before the morning came he had told three times that he didn't know Jesus. During the night he was interrogated by the priests. The next mornig they sent him to the Roman governor Pilate, who didn't know what to do with Jesus, but had him flogged and ordered him to be crucified because the priests demanded it. He was crucified on Friday and buried in a new grave. His diciples went to the grave on Sunday and saw that the grave was empty and the Roman guards had disappeared. Jesus was risen from the dead and soon showed himself to his friends


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Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

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