Monday, 19 November 2007

Capital punishment


In most western countries death penalty has been abolished. This has been a political issue for a long time in many other countries, which have been members of the United Nations. There is a possibility that the capital punishment will be abolished before long.The UN adopted a resolution to adjourn the carrying out of death sentences.
Amnesty International says this is a historical and important move in the right direction.

In the cartoon a person says:"It's a rather delicate question " and he carries a board, saying "Death to death penalty". There are also people sorry to say farewell to the electric chair and the gallows.

Personally, I have always opposed capital punishment. Lots of innocent people have been executed in the past. A criminal might have acted under the influence of drugs and so committed a crime which he repents long afterwards. There are sometimes mentally disturbed persons, who obey the "voices"in their head for instance and kill someone. Should these people be executed?
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Anonymous said...

There is a long history of disagreement here on killing people. Victims seem to want revenge and lots go and witness the death of the person who killed their own. Those states who have abolished death penalties, here, are no better off than those with it - murder and other crimes are still like always. Nobody is willing to give up their right to guns for fear of being helpless at the hands of government. I don't think it will ever be abolished in this country and I am not so sure it should be our duty to take care of a murderer for the rest of their lives -- food, clothing, shelter, and free medical care. That, to some people, is an incentive to commit the crimes in the first place -- lifetime care.

reader Wil said...

Thanks for this comment. You showed me a completely different view of the matter: the lifelong care of a murderer. But what if he is like my son, deranged and confused and determined to kill somebody, whom he suspects to be evil? My son was often frightened and violent. Once he had a knife and said he had to use it. When he was away I took it and threw it away. He never asked where it was.