Tuesday, 11 September 2007

What do you think of this???

My daughter got these photos in her e-mail this morning.It has the title:" I shall never complain about my kids again!"
What could have possessed these young people?


Libertine said...

I feel quite lucky that my son has no piercings and no tattoos of any kind.

I can remember looking through the National Geographic as a kid and a teenager and looking at tribal people in different parts of the world who had similar extreme body modifications and wondering the same thing as you are wondering about these young people -- how could they do something like to themselves?

The one in the middle with the Klingon forehead -- I wonder if this is an illusion or if some doctor actually performed surgery on this person to create this look?

LauriesAsylum said...

The sad thing, is that a few years from now, they are going to be sooooo sorry they did it. I don't think even plastic surgery could help.

reader Wil said...

Will, you say exactly what we said, that we are lucky that at least my children didn't have all these rings in and on their bodies, and we were also wondering how the Klingon forehead was created? Would any surgeon be allowed to perform such an operation? We also thought that this kind of selfmutilation is a sign of some punishment or mental disease caused by being abused as a child? How can they eat or speak with all those things through their tongues?

reader Wil said...

Hi Laurie, that's what we thought also: either they get seriously inflamed wounds or they come to their senses and would like to restore the damage, because they want to raise a family, knowing that no child want a parent like that!
Nice to see yu here Laurie, how long have you been on this blog?

Lady Visine said...

Hi Wil!! I've added a link to you on my blog here. Welcome home, too. I'll catch up on your travel tales ASAP! Missed you a lot!

As for those kids with the multiple piercings... they must be hurting themselves on the outside, to avoid dealing with hurts that are on the inside. That's what I'd guess, anyway. Can you imagine them, in their 80's, with all of those holes in their bodies? Egad!!

Chica said...

Haha those pictures are fun! I certainly would never do something like that to myself, not to that extreme! Body modification has been around forever, yet it seems, we are taking it farther then anyone has these days, except the people in the NG Will mentions. lol.

Glad to see ya here, its good ya got your design up and going so fast. :)

reader Wil said...

Hi Kimmi wonderful to see you here! I missed you guys a lot too! Now I have to find a way to add you all in my links, so that it works. Patty is also here and Tara and many others.
I can't see these kids as grandpas and grandpas either. It'll need a lot of plastic surgery if that is possible at all as Laurie says.

reader Wil said...

I thought so, Chica, that you liked these photos. This has been done as long as the world exists, even animals use to disguise themselves to impress the other sex or to threaten an enemy.
Here in Australia the Aboriginals love to paint themselves at corroborees and all other occasions.But the paint is easily washed off.

Anonymous said...

Hello Wil,
I guess you got up and moved around and your legs made it too. Glad you are there and safe and sound.

You posed an interesting question about the people who do this kind of thing to themselves. It surely has something to do with rebellion against society and our rules and mores. Unfortunately, their minds are locked in the immortal zone and this too will pass.

There will be a day, not that far away, when they will each need a job to support their living and I am not able to picture anybody hiring somebody who looks like this. Oh sure, they can be employed at a select few places but not as a school teacher or a hospital intern in the emergency room. Can you imagine waking up in the emergency room and seeing faces like those pointed in your direction.

My first thought would be that I have landed in hell.


I listed both of these blogs so you could copy and paste them and see what I have been up to.

Say hello to your daughter and grandchildren for me.

Patty said...

Can you imagine what they would have said had they been told they HAD to have this done to their bodies?? I think that is the reason so many do something so horrible, it's their body and they figure they can do what they want with it. But some just go too far. And probably a lot of it is what Kimmi says, they hurt on the inside so they disfigure their bodies.

There's nothing wrong with a tattoo or two, same with piercings of the ears, but nose, tongues, eyebrows and other assorted body parts is carrying it too far, in my opinion.

Treasa said...

For Libertine: they're silicon implants- hard plastic rods and stuff that are placed surgically under the skin.

For Wil:

*sigh* What is the point of getting a really cool tattoo if you're just going to cover it up?

and, I remember when getting more than one ear piercing was taboo! ;)

Fap27-7 said...

They are probably not possessed ive seen people with body modifications at my church there is nothing wrong with what they like in my opinion. I believe people can express themselves however they want. You keep believing what you want to believe. But i believe that i am not one to judge a person for their interests.

Reader Wil said...

Read all the other comments and you 'll understand why people are opposed against such mutilations.