Friday, 21 September 2007

Lizard Island

Cooktown Airport
Arriving at Lizard Island
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The cildren help the pilot to push back the engine.

Yesterday, we got up early for we were going to have a flight to Lizard Island. We took off from Cooktown airport,which is small as you can see,at 8.30 am. The plane was an amphibious plane, that meant we took off from land and landed on the sea, so that we had to wade to the beach. The water was very shallow and surprisingly warm!
Our pilot was a perfect guide and an excellent host. He helped us find a place in the shade and made us coffee, tea or cordeal with cakes and cookies.After our morning coffee we went for a swim and whoever wanted could go snorkelling with the pilot on the reef. Well actually only my daughter did this and enjoyed it greatly. We,the children and I, went swimming closer to the shore. We have to wear hats, sunscreen and shouldn't stay too long in the sun.


LauriesAsylum said...

That would have been exciting to ride on that plane, and a little scary too, I would think. It sounds like a fun adventure!

reader Wil said...

The getting in and out of the plane was the scariest part of it! The flight was wonderful!

Libertine said...

The water is so blue!

LauriesAsylum said...

I would imagine you jumped out, but how did you climb in?