Thursday, 20 September 2007

Cook's Landing's Kiosk

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We often have lunch at Cook's Landing's Kiosk. I love the iced coffee they make there, and the fish and chips. But most of all I like the casual way they have in approaching their customers. "Hello, how are you today?" "Oh, I am ok and how are you?" " I am fine! What can I do for you?" " I'd like to have an iced coffee and a fish and chips, please!" "Okay, and what is your first name?" " It's Wil" "Well Wil I'll call you when it's ready!" "Thank you!"

Cook's Landing is the exact place where Captain Cook landed in June 1770, when his ship "The Endeavour" got stuck in the reef and needed to be repaired. Now the river near the landing's place is called the Endeavour River. The town is called Cooktown, but the Aboriginal name is Gungar. There are many stories in and around Cooktown, many of them very sad.
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Patty said...

It sounds and looks like a lovely place to eat. I like fish, Abe will eat it, but he's not as fond of it as I am. He always likes tartar sauce with his, I don't.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are getting around and that's great news. Say hi to the rest of the family.

LauriesAsylum said...

I love fish and chips, that looks like a lovely place Wil.

reader Wil said...

Patty, Abe and Laurie! It is a nice place near the river.There is a tourist boat going once a day up- and downstream with a guide who gives a lot of information about wildlife along the riverside.