Monday, 27 August 2007

The little town of Bronkhorst

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This town of Bronkhorst is the smallest town in the Netherlands. It was granted franchise in 1482. The chapel is from 1344.
The first farmers settled as early as 600-700 AD. Now the town is known for its Dickens museum, where you can buy all books of Charles Dickens and all kind of small toys from 200 years ago.There is an exhibition of modern art in the church. There are beautiful little shops where you can buy jewelry and handicraft materials. The whole place is one great museum, for such houses are not to be built any more.
From 16th December till Christmas the play of Christmas Carol is played and you can find Scrooge walking around in his nightcap and nightshirt. You might be so fortunate to have a close encounter with one of the ghosts. If you look closer you can see Scrooge himself looking out of one of the top windows of a house.

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