Monday, 30 July 2007


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The roofs are made of 7 layers of grass, which is a cheap, but an excellent way of insulation. Sometimes we see flowers on the roofs, like the blue flowers on the roof of this little house. The name Grass Roof comes from the architectural concept of the same name. Historians believe the first grass roof house was built some time around 900 BC. The grass roof design really came into its own in Iceland and Scandinavia where natural grasses were often used on structures. Even now grass roofs are becoming more and more popular with people looking for an effective roof covering that provides many benefits over other more modern materials.

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Wendy said...

I love all these posts, they help me to feel closer to that part of my ancestry Wil and the photos are so magickal! Thank you for always leaving great and insightful comments. Esp. the one about your mother who sounds like an incredible woman. Is your life at all similar to the show "A Town Called Alice"? What a survivor you are despite what you had to go through. Many blessings to you,