Monday, 23 July 2007

Norwegian National Anthem

Yes, we love with fond devotion
This our land that looms
Rugged, storms carried o'er the ocean,
With her thousand homes.
Love her, in our love recalling
Those who gave us birth.
And old tales which night, in falling,
Brings as dreams to earth.

Norseman, whats oe'er thy station,
Thank thy God, whose power
Willed and wrought the land's salvation
In her darkest hour.
All our mothers sought with weeping,
And our sires in fight,
God has fashioned, in His keeping,
Till we gained our right.

Yes, we love with fond devotion
This our land that looms
Rugged, storm-scarred o'er the ocean,
With her thousand homes.
And, as warrior sires have made her
Wealth and fame increase,
At the call we too will aid her,
Armed to guard her peace.

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lorenzothellama said...

What amazing pictures! They are so beautiful.

lorenzothellama said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

The Manchester Eye is not as big as the London one. The London one moves really slowly and you have one go round. The Manchester one moves a bit quicker and you get three goes round!

I haven't been on the London Eye, but next time I go there, I hope to have a trip on it.

Are you having as dreadful weather as we are?

Wendy said...

I love the nat. anthem, SO much better than the American one ;) My grandmother, aunt and my mother knew this and used to sing this. They also sung a tratd. Norwegian Easter song, that I remember to this day. My grandmother's maiden name was "Gulleson" some day I want to visit the farm she grew up on as a child before moving to Wisconsin.

Have you ever thought of reading a book about your life or would it be too painful? Thank you for sharing glimpses into the past and would love to hear more only if you'd like. And yes, when I first saw "A Town Called Alice" I read about the real story and admired the tenacity of the people who were at the camps. If you ever feel like emailing me, my address is:
BLessings to you, Wil,