Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lest we forget





That Was The Week That Was


Today  15 years ago the TwinTowers in New York were destroyed by two planes. In the same months more horrible events occurred I wrote about it ten years ago.

"That Was The Week That Was" was a satirical program on the BBC in the sixties. However, if I look back at the past week preceding 911, I cannot find much humor in the events that presented it to us. First the terrible tornado in the south-east of the USA, then a happy occasion like the Royal Wedding, then the bombardment on Khadafi's house, killing his son and three grandchildren, then there is the situation in Syria and the whole Arab world, and  we all saw the news that Osama bin Laden was killed. People are glad that this cruel man is dead. Isn't it terrible that we should be glad that somebody is killed, even if he deserved it? It asks for revenge and hatred. The death of any tyrant is cause for satisfaction for one group and cause for fury, anger and revenge for his friends. I am glad for President Obama, at the same time I hope that new terroristic attacks will not follow this event.Will it ever stop?

In the mean time we have had to endure one terrorist attack after the other.

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