Monday, 20 June 2016

Our World Tuesday, ABC Wednesday X for X-shaped wall Anchors

Wall anchors were used in old buildings in the Netherlands to connect the beams of a floor with the brick wall to prevent the wall from bending outwards. They often had the shape of a couple of nummers to indicate the age of the building. Sometimes they had the shape of a letter like X or Y, or a simple I. There were also very beautifully decorated wall anchords if the building was monumental and very important.
I had  guests from South Africa, who wanted to make a boattrip under the City of Den Bosch , we saw a lot of old buildings and of course we couldn't overlook the wall anchors.Foreigners often ask what they are used for. 

 The anchors you see on the photos are the only X-shaped ones I saw in the Netherlands.

                                                        They are I-shaped,X-shaped or Y-shaped

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