Tuesday, 18 March 2014

ABC Wednesday, J for Jolly Jumbuck

Slim Dusty

                          The Dutch André Rieu played Walzing Mathilda in Australia.

                         Which of the three versions of Walzing Mathilda do you like best?

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
Under the shade of a coolibah tree,
And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled:
"Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me?"

Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda
You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me
And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled:
"You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me."

Down came a jumbuck to drink at that billabong.
Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him with glee.
And he sang as he shoved that jumbuck in his tucker bag:
"You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me."

Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda
"You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me",
And he sang as he shoved that jumbuck in his tucker bag:
"You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me."

Up rode the squatter, mounted on his thoroughbred.
Down came the troopers, one, two, and three.
"Whose is that jumbuck you've got in your tucker bag?
You'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me."

Up jumped the swagman and sprang into the billabong.
"You'll never take me alive!" said he
And his ghost may be heard as you pass by that billabong:
"Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me?"

 With thanks to Denise Nesbitt, who created ABC.For more interesting ABC posts click on the logo in the sidebar . This week we are looking for words beginning with J.


Arija said...

An oldie but a goodie, like the Man from Snowy River and Clancy of the Overflow.

Sylvia K said...

I have to admit Andre Rieu has been a favorite of mine for a long time!! Great videos for the day, Wil!! Hope you have a great week!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

If there is ever a community sing-a-long here in the UK Wil, Waltzing Matilda is usually one that we sing. Love it.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful compositions.

photowannabe said...

I loved them all.
Thanks for printing the words. I don't think I have ever heard the entire song.
Each of the performances has it's own speciality. The mass audience sing along with full choir and orchestra is quite wonderful.

Roger Owen Green said...

#1 for music, though I like the info in the beginning of #3.


Lisa said...

Your videos definitely made me smile today! Thank you for sharing them and the words.

ellen b. said...

I loved singing Waltzing Matilda in Elementary school. Thanks for the memories!

Leslie: said...

Always just a fun song!

abcw team

Hildred said...

Oh Wil, what a hard decision to make. The audience participation in the Rieu version brought tears to my eyes, but the others were excellent too. I had such good Australian friends among the boys who trained in Canada during the 2nd World War and think of them fondly. They introduced me to the Maori's Farewell, which I also treasure.

tulika singh said...

Those videos sure made me happy. Thanks.

Nabanita said...

Ohh I loved the compositions...!

Norma Ruttan said...

Even though I have no idea what a jumbuck is, I have always loved this song. Is it a type of deer? I'm off to find out. I didn't play the other video because Slim Dusty's rendition is the sort that I love. And, thanks for the lyrics so that I could join Slim in singing it!

Pat - Arkansas said...

A melody and words sung 'round the world! Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Joy said...

Contrasting versions, but for pure sentimentality it has to be Rieu and the audience singing along.

AmitAag said...

Loved them all:) Thank you for sharing:)

Shailaja V said...

I like the bouncy track created by all three versions :D Nice take for J.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh how fun this was....even though I am not from your country, the Andre Rieu version brought tears of happiness! Wonderful thank you for sharing.