Monday, 15 July 2013

Our World Tuesday, ABC Wednesday, A for ABC Wednesday

 I would like to dedicate this post to ABC on Wednesday created by Denise Nesbitt. I'd like to tell you why it is so great. It is only interesting if you stick to the rules, which are clearly described on the ABC Wednesday page.

Roger writes : "If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know that, for the past four years or so, I’ve participating in something called ABC Wednesday, in which people, literally from around the world, post an item – pictures, poems, essays that in someway describe each letter of the alphabet, in turn.

Welcome to Our World Tuesday! This meme continues in memory of the work of Klaus Peter, whose "that's My World" brought people together from around the world every Monday to share the wonders therein--big and small.Please click on our  logo for "Our World Tuesday" in the sidebar. Thanks to the team of "Our World Tuesday": Arija, Gattina, Lady Fi, Sylvia, Sandy and Jennifer.  I wish everyone a happy week!

 I have been taking part in several memes, like "Our World Tuesday" and the one Roger is writing
about, and which are the ones I like  best."ABC Wednesday"is created by Denise Nesbitt. It's educational, interesting and gave me the opportunity to meet 6 of my fellow bloggers, which was great. They came from Canada, Greece, Israel , the Netherlands, and the USA
. I started with round 6. I have learned a lot since then. I have no photos of Jesh and Jacob, but we spent a great day together. Last year I met Kay and her husband for the second time .Now together with Mara, the Dutch blogger who went to Haugesund-Norway.

Antigoni and Marina from Greece visited me. January, 2nd.

The five girls were absolutely wonderful

They are very pretty girls

Look what their mothers gave me!!

My coffee was not half as good as their cakes

Antigoni  and Marina from Greece

Kay and Dick from Canada outside  the souvenirshop of Kinderdijk

How did we meet? Well we didn't know each other . It was  sort of a"blind date"
Kay wrote in her e-mail:"I shall be wearing a red T-shirt with the word 
Canada written on it"! I was having coffee on the terrace in front of the Windmill shop
and saw her standing next to me, watching the mills. So I said:"Hey Kay! Is it you?"
And it was! We sat down and talked and talked as if we had known each other for 
years, while Kay's husband was walking with the other tourists to see the mills.

Kay and I having coffee and a "stroopwafel"! March 2011

Dina and The Greek nun in the Greek Orthodox church March 2012

Dina had invited me to stay in the village close to her house. She found me an
appartement not far from her place. Every morning we went to Jerusalem
by bus and in Jerusalem we saw a lot of the Old City where we could see 
traces of more than two thousand years of history. In the Christian quarter
are several churches . This small Greek one was one of them. The nun
 couldn't speak English, German or French. So we couldn't speak to each
other, but we still could feel the friendly atmosphere in that little place.

Dina took this photo of me ,March 2012, in the Old City


eileeninmd said...

It is nice to put a face to all the nice blogger friends you know. What a fun time meeting them too. I loved all the photos. Have a happy week!

Arkansas Patti said...

How wonderful that you got to meet so many bloggers.
I have only had two such meetings and each time it was more like a reunion since we all ready knew a lot about the other.
You look wonderful in the pictures.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Isn't it wonderful to be part of Blogland Wil? These are such happy photographs.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's wonderful that you've had a chance to meet so many of your blogger friends! I am envious. It was fun reading your experiences and putting faces with some of the names.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes! Wonderful indeed, Wil!! I do so enjoy getting a chance to meet fellow bloggers!! Looks as though all of you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!!

Fun60 said...

Isn't it a wonderful way to meet people. I have met Gattina from Belgium here in London and hoping to meet up with another blogger from the USA in September.

Anonymous said...

You've met a lot of bloggers. Lovely!

Roger Owen Green said...

You have been an AWESOME contributor to ABC Wednesday, not only posting but being part of the team. Thank you!

Dina said...

You are a real bridge builder with your blogging buddies. (Oi, I should have saved those B's for next week's ABC Wednesday.)
I glad to have been one of the lucky ones to meet you, Wil.
May you have many more happy blogger meetings.

George said...

It's wonderful that you have been able to meet so many bloggers in person. We, too, have enjoyed the personal meetings that we've had with online friends.

Hildred said...

Wil, I have enjoyed this post so much. Wonderful to see faces that before were only names, and I'm so glad you have had this opportunity to meet and chat with each other,- and thank you for sharing the experience(s). Have a good week...

Rajesh said...

Great shots of reunion. Memorable time forever.

Arija said...

Blogging surely is a great place to make friends. So nice to see all the friendly faces.

Penelope Puddlisms said...

Wow … my friend Kay sure does get around the world. It is fantastic when one meets someone in person after knowing them only from a blogger’s page. :)

anthonynorth said...

Blogging certainly leads to a shrinking world. Great post.

Leslie: said...

I've been doing ABCW since Round 2 and I find it almost unbelievable! But I, too, have met a lot of ladies (well, and men too!) through it. Some day perhaps you can add me to your list - or I you to mine! In the meantime, you are one of the ones I especially look forward to seeing here! Happy Round 13!

abcw team

Carver said...

It is great to get to meet bloggers. I enjoyed this post. I've met a few bloggers myself.

photowannabe said...

I'm so glad you have been a part of ABC Wednesday since session 6.
I feel we are friends too, just by following your life and adventures.
Isn't it wonderful to meet fellow bloggers.
I have gotten 2 very close friends because of the blogs.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Robyn Greenhouse said...

How great to actually meet your fellow bloggers in person!

Nanka said...

I am back just in time to catch up with Rotterdam and get all nostalgic about Bergen and Greece, the places I had visited when I first sailed on the Merchant Navy vessel with my late husband!! It was 21 june the longest day of the year!! We do not have monorails here as yet and I had first seen it in your country!! The breakfast spread was yummy and I still look at those little curios I had picked up adorning my case. Happy week to you and all Good Wishes Reader Wil!!

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

What AN AWESOME ASSEMBLY of recollections and ART!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, talk about "Faithful" you are the example. It was a very lovely read, and I enjoyed all the pictures.

Kay L. Davies said...

This is fabulous, Wil. I wish we had a photo of you with us and Mara, after you and Mara so patiently waited us to get out of the airport. I've now seen Mara three times, and the last time was in Canada. She saw Banff, Lake Louise, and the Badlands of Drumheller with me and our dog Lindy. It was the first time I had taken Lindy to a hotel, and it was great fun.
I really enjoyed this post.
Hugs, Kay and Dick and Lindy

Redlane Geraine said...

Lots of friendship have started here in ABC Wednesday, I guess. This is just my second round, but I love the team members and the participants here. :) Commenting as redlane geraine but here is my post:

ChrisJ said...

I forget which round I joined ABC Wednesday. I will have to go back and check. So good to meet fellow bloggers.

Suzanne said...

Really nice post about the wonderful world of blogging.

Mar said...

I have met a couple of bloggers too, it's an amazing experience!

Mara said...

And they say being in the cyberworld is bad for you! Well, in that case I wouldn't have had friends from all over and I would be missing out.

Hope you're doing fine. My life in Haugesund (not Bergen) in Norway is even better than I had thought it would be. If you're ever in the neighbourhood: look me up!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

A delightful saga!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Gattina said...

Isn't that wonderful to meet people life because you started blogging ?
I have met some Blogfriends too, I also met Kay and Dick in Brussels, then Janice from Jablog in Oxford, Sylvia from Melbourne who was in London and just took the Eurostar to meet me in Brussels for 4 h ! Claudie from the South of France and we became real friends, I have spent some holidays there and she came to Waterloo and now in August she comes again for a week. I also met Marie who lives in London and Jo and Grant from Tanzania also in London. I only once had a real flop, a "girl" from Antwerp who in reality was completely different as on her blog ! All people I would never have met if I hadn't had the good idea to start a blog in !

Gattina said...

I don't have your email so I answer your question here : Of course I will watch the abdication and enthrownment of the new King ! Whole Belgium is upside down and we have a lot of festivities going on in the whole country (less in the Flemish part, though).

Marina said...

Τhank YOU Wil!!!!
We have the best memories from our visit to your lovely home!!! We'll keep them and you in our heart for ever!!!
Hugs and kisses
Marina and Antigoni

Ruby Manchanda said...

That's is one lovely post