Saturday, 2 February 2013

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 Yesterday I telephoned my daughter in Cooktown, Queensland, Australia, to ask her if she was affected by the flood, but although they had a lot of water on their land, they were okay.
This week is also the week that we commemorate the flood which happened in the Netherlands 60 years ago and which caused the death of 2551 people in three countries (1836 in the Netherlands), but also in the UK and Belgium people drowned .Around 30.000 animals drowned, almost 50.000 houses were damaged or totally destroyed.
These events are still alive in our minds and therefore we know how our Australian friends must feel
 when we read this:
Flood in Bundaberg

"Floods continue to threaten Queensland in eastern Australia, with the town of St George expected to be worst hit.
Thousands have been evacuated from the area, which is seeing its third major flood in less than two years.
The Balonne River in St George reached 13.48 metres on Monday and was expected to keep rising to a peak of 14-15 metres by late Tuesday.
Despite a mandatory order to leave, about 400 residents remained in town, Australian media reported.
''The danger area now is St George,'' Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told ABC News.
The evacuation, which she said was the largest ever for a town in the state, was orderly.
About 1,700 people left in their own vehicles, and another 500 were transported by bus and planes.
On Monday morning, a major highway was closed due to flooding and the town of about 3,000 was accessible only by air..
St George, Queensland, Australia
More planes will be sent to take the remaining 400 residents out, said Ms Bligh.
The highway is expected to be under water for five to seven days, she added.
''When people do return to town they are going to find I think a lot of devastation, a lot of heartache,'' she said".

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eileeninmd said...

I hope things return to normal for those in Autstralia affected by this flooding. It is devasting! I am glad your daughter was Ok. I hope you have a happy weekend!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Floods are so terrifying aren't they Wil? I do remember those floods of 1963 as I am a Lincolnshire lass and Lincolnshire, being low-lying bore the brunt of the flooding. Mablethorpe was the town where many people were drowned. It was indeed a Dutchman who taught us how to drain the Fens of Lincolnshire many centuries ago. Our two countries have a lot in common haven't they.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Hello Reader Wil,

My heart goes out to each person affected by terrifying disaster, whether present-day or past. I would have been six during the floods in The Netherlands, but remember nothing of that story. News did not travel so quickly then. What a terribly sad disaster with so many deaths. I do appreciate your reminder.

Sylvia K said...

The powerful, deadly storms this season in many countries is frightening! My heart goes out to all of those whose lives have been affected. I am thankful that your daughter is safe, Wil! Take care!

Vagabonde said...

Notre ciel aujourd’hui est bleu avec un beau soleil, mais cela peut changer vite. Il y 3 jours une tornade est passée près de nous et a détruit 100 maisons. Avec le changement de climat le temps devient de plus en plus sévère.

Dina said...

It's really awful. It would be so hard to leave one's home. It will be even harder to go back and see the damage.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sixty years ago is certainly within the memory of some of us and if I'd been there at the time I am sure I would never forget. What a horrible flood. I am very glad your daughter is safe from the flooding in her adopted country and I pray that things get better there very soon.

Leslie: said...

Oh, gosh, that sounds awful. I'm glad your family is safe.

George said...

The floods in Australia have made the news over here, so I knew they must have been pretty bad. I'm glad your daughter is okay.

Gattina said...

It's a terrible disaster ! Last year and this year, poor Australia.
I still remember the terrible flooding in the Netherlands although I was only ten ! I saw pictures (no TV at that time) of Queen Juliana in boots helping people to get in a boat. I was very impressed that she did that and also disappointed that she didn't wear a crown ! How lucky you are when you are a child !

Roger Owen Green said...

yikes! we've had flooding in this part of the country (NY) the past couple years, fortunately not up in Albany

Anonymous said...

First off, Wil, I like the "award-free blog" idea, because I don't accept them either...

This tore at my heart, for sure. Natural disasters happen in moments, in minutes... sometimes the aftereffects linger for years, like Hurricane Katrina, where some members of our church are currently trying to help rebuild after all these years.

It's hard having kids living far away. The minute there is any type of earthquake in California, even thought it's very long and narrow (north to south), my first thought is always: "Is Riley (my daughter) safe?" Peace to you, and thanks for stopping by my blog, Wil. Amy

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the flooding isn't too bad. Thank goodness your daughter is safe.

Penelope Puddlisms said...

The enormities of tragic events caused by natural disasters are absolutely mind-boggling. Yet thankfully survivors often seem to recover … even when the lives of loved ones have been lost.

Gary said...

I've been following the flooding on Radio Australia. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Luna Miranda said...

flooding is destroys everything in its path. i couldn't sleep when there is a storm although the area where i live is not flood-prone. flooding here seems to get worse every year, and there are floods in places where there were none before. i'm glad your daughter and her family are safe.

Fun60 said...

A really interesting post. There has been a lot in the news here in the UK about those floods 60 years ago. Although we have had some terrible floods since , there has never been the same tragic loss of life. Let's hope Australia doesn't suffer any more flooding.

Jackie said...

Oh my you guys really got hit so very very hard.

I have seen so many photos and they truly make it much more personal than seeing images on the news.

I hope things get better soon for all of you!