Sunday, 15 April 2012

Monday Doorways, Israel

 Inspired by a post by Eric Tenin of a Parisian doorway, «Louis» began posting on Mondays photos he had taken of doorways in Paris.To participate click on
Monday Doorways.

The doorway of this Monday is the entrance door of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. The windows of this synagogue are also worth seeing.

The style of the building was modeled on the Jewish Temple which once stood in Jerusalem. The inauguration took place on Tu B'Av  1982. Naftali Hershtik was appointed the chief cantor of the synagogue, a position he held up to 31 December 2008 succeeded by Haim Adler.

The sanctuary seats 850 men and 550 women.

A comprehensive private collection of mezuzah cases is on show inside the lobby. See post of last week's ABC.

The outside of the doorway of the Great Synagogue. 

The inside of the same doorway.


Sylvia K said...

Such a beautiful doorway, Wil, and wonderful captures for the day! I do love the colors! Hope you have a lovely week!


Arkansas Patti said...

Love the look from the inside looking out. Just lovely.

Vagabonde said...

Quel portail magnifique. Les couleurs à l’intérieur sont vives et harmonieuses.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am calling by as another particpant in Porte de Lundi. I really like the look from inside your chosen doorway.

Riet said...

Wat een mooie deuren daar Will.
Met mij gaat het redelijk goed, Dank je. Ben nog wel gauw moe maar dat hoort er zo bij.
Fijne week!

Dianne said...

A magnificent doorway Wil ... I'm wondering about the seating ... obviously men and women don't sit in the same area.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that last photograph with the stained glass Wil.

Ann said...

sanctuary seats 850 men and 550 women. what a big sanctuary. Reminds me of the Roman Catholic churches I went to as a kid. One side for men, one side for women. Younger kids went with mum. Older boys went with dad.

Then some women went to men's side. Lots of talk. Soon, they removed this rule.

Titanic was bad. I was 15 when I read about it. I remember a case where a woman had a big diamond ring. She was in a live boat, a man in the water tried to get in. She slapped him on the face to get him off. The man lived to tell the story with a big scar on his face.

Don't like the movie.

Did I tell you one of the real story of the war? My great grand ma was coming from China to Borneo with a whole lot of women and men to work for her.

Instead of coming to Singapore, the boat came to Indonesia which at that time, was called Holland. She and her people set up a laundry shop.

They were then sent to India. When she came back, she proudly told everyone she went to Europe. (Holland)

Marie said...

Such an interesting post! And how fascinating that the doorway looks so different from the outside, and then the inside. That must be stained glass. It's very pretty.