Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

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Like many people I spent this day watching TV and admiring the wedding dress of Kate. This wedding attracted people from all over the world and all of them were in a happy mood. Some people came as early as Tuesday and I heard that they put up tents near Westminster Abbey. Some places in London looked like campsites. Others slept on the pavement. Fortunately it didn't rain. This event is great for the unity of a nation. Tomorrow we are going to have our typically Dutch party: we will celebrate the Queen's Birthday. Even though her birthday is on 31st January, we celebrate it on 30th April, as this was her mother's birthday.We call it Queen's Day. This day is more agreeable than 31st January for then we cannot spend our day outside.

People spent the night on the pavement.

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But they were rewarded with the scene on the balcony!

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Lily Hydrangea said...

what fun! she is a beautiful bride. & there is something about celebrations that makes life more enjoyable.

Dina said...

Hi Wil. I enjoyed the wedding too.
What a grand cathedral! The church service was wonderful.
Mazal tov to the newlyweds.

Happy Queen's Day to the Dutch.

Elizabeth said...

This really was a lovely wedding!
A beautiful service.
I wish the young couple a very happy future.
I'm just off to a tea party with English food to celebrate.
I hope you enjoy your Queen's Day celebration.
Greetings from New York.

Arkansas Patti said...

It was not planned but for some reason I was up at 3:30 so I figured I may as well watch. I really enjoyed the whole service and wish them a long happy life.
Enjoy your Queen's Day.

Roger Owen Green said...

Apparently the dress was modeled on Grace Kelly's.

Dianne said...

Beautiful wedding! - I cried -just so delightful!

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely pictures -- my favorite is the bridesmaid with the little girls.

A Happy Queens Day to you!

Kay said...

It really was a lot of fun, wasn't it? I'm so glad everything went off without a hitch. They deserved that. Have a wonderful Queen's Day, Wil.

Brenda said...

I haven't seen any of it yet. I hope to though. I only saw the hat show on the internet. They are a beautiful couple.
I love your photos of the windmills.

Genie said...

Wil....Just wanted to let you know I crashed the seeding at 4Am EST. Almost fell asleep at school, but it was OK. Wore red, whit, and blue....Union Jack colors....and my British navy blue felted hat to school.I thought is was beautiful, but the best part was being back at Westminster sitting in one of the choir stalls. I love that cathedral as if it were my own. Enjoy your blog so much you are now in my sidebar. See you very soon. Genie