Friday, 1 October 2010

Bench of the Week, Hoenderloo, Holiday Park

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These benches were all in the holiday park where I spent a few days with my family this year. See post of 6th September!

My benches were all empty because it was early April and too cold to sit outside. And like Malyss, I also prefer empty benches because the bench is better to see and people often don't like to appear on internet.

RuneE of Visual Norway
began this informal meme on "Bench of the Week". Please visit his site for other participants. Paulie has a whole site dedicated to benches called "For the Love of Benches", which is going on for two years and every day she posts a new bench.Her friend Malyss. has shown more than 600 benches on a site called "benchesonmyway".

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Gramma Ann said...

So many benches, but no one using any of them. They look very lonely. hehe

Arkansas Patti said...

Gramma Ann has a point. It is a shame people don't seem to use them. I love the rustic one and that woodland setting would keep me happy for quite a while.

RuneE said...

That was some collection! Now problem sitting down in The Netherlands :-)

For som reason I prefer the quiet atmosphere around the pond in No. 5. Just the place to sit and rest.

Middle Ditch said...

Some real nice ones here

Malyss said...

My favorite of your benches is the second one, but my favorite place would also be around the pond.
I like it when the same place is offering plenty of benches!
Gramma Ann: maybe Readerwill is like me: i prefer to picture benches when there's noone sitting on them. and sometimes, I have to wait a long time to get my picture! :)
have a nice week-end!

Paulie said...

WOW! You got a nice collection-- isn't it contagious looking for benches with your camera? I like the one made with logs best, I think.

I have started a new blog of benches under a google addy. It is called benches4paulie and is a blogspot blog too. Please drop by and see a few special benches I have posted so far. If you can't reach it, go to my main blog, Postcard Memories from Paulie and see the link on the right side. . . I think you will love the 4 I have posted so far.

Thanks for keeping up the link to me even tho I am having camera problems. I can still use bench photos I have not posted yet. Ü

Jenn Jilks said...

What beautiful photos! Your header is amazing. We have many benches, for show, and fun. Cheers from Cottage Country !

Vicki Lane said...

I, too, like the second one the best! A nice collection!

Rose said...

Hi Willm I was so touching after seing your following blog and I saw my blog's name there.2 blogs.

will open public one day.

George said...

This is a wonderful collection of benches that you've shared with us this time. Although it is nice to be able to see the bench without people sitting on it, I do hope they get lots of use during warmer weather.

Kay said...

Just because of all these memes about benches, I'm a lot more concious of them now wherever I go. I love your header photo.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back often. I am enjoying looking at yours.

I love benches also---and I enjoy photographing them without people on them... All of your benches are special --and I'll bet that when it's summer there, there will be LOTS of people using those benches.


Arts Web Show said...

i like the first of these benches.
Such a simple design.
Also i really like that header picture you have up there too

Ann said...

The playground looks like anyone in New Zealand.

Is it getting cold already that people are not playing outside.

Capture life said...

Lovely benches collection, I have benches photograph on my blog too.