Friday, 13 August 2010

Bench of the Week In an English Garden

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These benches were taken in the garden of Bourton House in Bourton on the Water.Monique and Richard Paice opened it to the public on a single Sunday in 1987 under the auspices of the National Garden Scheme. This was an exciting time; the Paices had only just begun to take on a neglected wilderness with the hope of turning it into a cared for setting. Little did they think that with the help of a great team, they would achieve what is enjoyed today.

RuneE of Visual Norway
began this informal meme on "Bench of the Week". Please visit his site for other participants. Paulie has a whole site dedicated to benches called "For the Love of Benches", which is going on for two years and every day she posts a new bench.Her friend Malyss. has shown more than 600 benches on a site called "benchesonmyway".


The Weaver of Grass said...

I would be more than happy to sit for an hour on that bench, especially so if you were there to sit by me Wil and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Thats nice.
A pleasant weather After the rains And I wish to sit there.

Dina said...

Very stately formal benches.
Glad the place took on new life.

Not sure that I'd want to sit there and look straight at the ball, though. ;)

Vicki Lane said...

What a thrill it would be to have a place like that in which to garden -- and, of course, the wherewithal to hire and army of gardeners.

Paulie said...

Hello once again. You have superb bench finds in this post! Thanks for sharing them! I LOVE THEM!

I meant to come by earlier but got busy and forgot. I have been looking at all your bench posts tho even if I did not comment. One day, I will catch up and read your posts regularly.

I wanted to tell you about my posts from all last week. They were shaped like punctuation marks and I thought you might enjoy seeing them. I, as a retired teacher loved spotting them and capturing with my camera. One day I hope to go back and take more photos, hopefully without people's belongings on them. IF you care to have a peek, go here:
punctuation benches

I hope the link works as it has been a long time since I linked a site.

racheld said...

Not given to all the sunny-day visitors to the gardens of others is the best experience of all: to see and feel and smell the lush damp green and the rich good dirt of the land---in the rain.

The shine of it and the complex hues of every green there is, the mist and the moisture, water dripping from ten thousand leaves and soaking in to nourish the growth---those are equal to the most colorful vistas and the most charming landscapes with the sun shining down.

Cloudia said...

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Kay said...

Love this! The music really goes with the photos also.

Arija said...

That is a really solid seat to contemplate the orb from.

Have you got the children over this summer? Whatever the case, I hope you are having a grand time.

Ann said...

Reader Wil,

Have you been to Sissinghurst in England. i have been watching a documentary and it is incredible. Unusual history too.

Arija said...

Wi dear, both our lives have had their hiccoughs but somehow we have come through if not unscathed, at least a deal stronger.
My present challenge in the dear Prof's fading memory and associated mood swings. Somehow my creative writing and painting just do not happen in this rather stressful environment and I have spent two and a half months in hospital this winter mainly based on little aggravations.

PS I love your new header!

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved the curved bench. Thought that was a globe in front till I enlarged the picture.
Nice spots to reflect.

Indrani said...

Unique theme for a meme. Love your shots.

George said...

I think I would very much enjoy viewing the gardens from either of these benches.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hi Wil,
I left you a message on my blog but I will post it here to save you a trip.
"Ah but you do have baseball, it is just not all that popular. Your National team does really well in the National games. Until this year, we had one of the few Dutch players in the US, Rick Vanden Hurk. He was traded to the Baltimore Orioles this year.
I miss him, he was a cutie. If I remember correctly, he wasn't a spitter."

Arts Web Show said...

I do like sitting on benches.
The prettier the better. lol