Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ABC Wednesday, M for Murals on Møn

My husband, children and myself stayed on the campsite of Møns Klint on the Isle of Møn in Denmark in 1981 for the first time.The children loved it and so did we. The weather was beautiful and we went swimming every day. The next year we went again, and after that we visited the island three other times. The weather was always great. On the beach we found all kind of fossils.On our walks we saw more wildlife than we ever did in my country. Once we had an encounter with a deer.
There is so much to see on this Danish island.

Møn is known for its natural beauty, good beaches, fresco-decorated churches, Stone Age and Bronze Age passage graves and monuments, and Møns Klint ("The White Cliffs of Møn"), the island's most popular attraction.
Møn has a number of interesting churches decorated with frescos. Fanefjord Church dates back to the 13th century, and has a set of famous frescoes painted in 1450 by the Elmelunde Master. Elmelunde Church is the oldest church on Møn, with parts dating from the start of the 12th century. Keldby Church has a unique altarpiece and is richly decorated with frescos.
About Liselund I found this:
Liselund lies in a fairytale setting near Møns Klint in the northeast corner of the island Møn.
This beautiful, romantic place - with a tiny thatched castle, a Chinese teahouse, a Norwegian log cabin, and situated among lakes, streams and memorial stones - was a wonderful gift of love from a husband to his wife.

With thanks to Denise Nesbitt, who created ABC.We started a new round of the fascinating meme of ABC. For more interesting ABC posts click on the logo in the sidebar or Here. This week we are looking for words beginning with M.

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Carver said...

You took wonderful pictures of this interesting and beautiful place. Very informative post.

photowannabe said...

Oh I wish I had seen this fascinating place when we visited Denmark many years ago. The murals look amazing.

Sylvia K said...

What a gorgeous and fascinating place indeed, Wil! And your photos are breathtaking. I love all the history and information you included! Perfect for the M Day!! The murals are so beautiful! Hope the rest of your week goes well! Enjoy!


anthonynorth said...

Another beautiful place. I do enjoy your posts.

Hildred and Charles said...

Beautiful island, wonderful churches. I always learn so much when I come to your posts, Reader, and truly appreciate it. Thank you for sharing..

RuneE said...

You have captured many of the glories of Denmark. It is a nice country to visit, both for longer and shorter stays - and you found one of the few places where I think I haven't been :-)

Thank you for sharing!

Leo said...

your slide shows are very interesting and unique, Wil.. its a pleasure to drop by each Tuesday/Wednesday :)

My entries at the ABC M is Morning Mist. Do visit if you can :)

EG Wow said...

This was a neat post of nostalgia, Wil! What great memories!

Gramma Ann said...

Nice slide show again this week. Thanks for sharing some of the interesting places you visited.

Tumblewords: said...

A beautiful harbor and fantastic murals - I love this artwork!

Roger Owen Green said...

Fascinating stuff. Don't know anything about the country outside of the large cities.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

What a beautiful place! I can see why you had so much fun and have so many great memories of the place. :D

Vernz said...

I should look at this place on google earth ... everything beautiful..

Have a nice time!
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Ann said...

Did you go camping every summer? I love beds and don't like camping.

Etje said...

Prachtige plaats die je ons hier weer laat zien

Arts Web Show said...

it's always refreshing to see freschos on walls in places we visit.
Though i also like the modern equvelant.
Grafitti/street art

Dina said...

I can see why you kept going back there.
Love those churches. And I can't believe you just FOUND all those lovely fossils on the beach!

It was very touching to suddenly see one slide in the middle titled "My husband."

Miss_Yves said...

Vous aussi, vous montrez un très beau village!
les fresques sont magnifiques!
Le terrain de camping semble très naturel:est-ce une aire de repos , comme il en existe dans les Landes?
Le site de la plage est enchanteur.

Nydia said...

Lovely place, and stunning frescoes!!

Kisses, sweetie! :)

Anna said...

Beautiful pictures of a lovely place. I'll put this island on my list for the next time I take a trip to Denmark!
Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes,

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