Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bench of the Week, Windmills, Kinderdijk

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The windmills are an everlasting source of inspiration. This green bench is outside the visitors' mill, next to the waterwheel, which has to pump the water from the surrounding land into the canal.

RuneE of Visual Norway
began this informal meme on "Bench of the Week". Please visit his site for other participants. PERBS has a whole site dedicated to benches called "For the Love of Benches", which is going on for two years and every day she posts a new bench.Her friend Malyss. has shown more than 600 benches on a site called "benchesonmyway".


Miss_Yves said...

C'est un banc très particulier, en s'y asseyant on doit avoir l'impression de faire corps avec le patrimoine .

Malyss said...

A "hanging" bench!it must be strange to sit on a bench with no foot.. I like the way they made it so that it matches very well with the mill and the fence. Those windmills really leave me breathless.
Have a nice sunday!

PS my yesterday's bench was pictured in Barcelona (Spain) and I live on the french Riviera; The same sea, the same mood, that's true, but not the same place!Ü

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely, especially with the wooden shoes!

RuneE said...

This post is really a beauty in every way - the windmill, the reflection, the bench - everything. You have conveyed a wonderful atmosphere.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hadn't really thought about it but a bench really doesn't need feet does it.
Thanks so much for stopping by Wil. I am getting a bit restless so I may be posting soon. Thanks for thinking of me.

George said...

What a nice bench you've shared this week. I didn't notice the shoes until I enlarged the picture. The shoes are a nice touch.

Riet said...

Mooie foto's Will. Sinds ik bij jou die banken zie ga ik er steeds meer op letten en heb er ook een paar gefotografeerd. Ik ga eens kijken naar die blogs met banken.
Fijn weekend.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful. I love windmills. We are hoping maybe to visit our friends in Hillegom later in the year, so hope we shall see some then.

Paulie said...

I have been taking some time off from my blog so I could finish a project for my friend, Malyss for her birthday which has now come and gone. . . and my allergies are not allowing me to get much progress done. I thought I would be back blogging again. I do read and post on her blog and saw her comment that you had a neat bench this week. Of course, I ahd to break my rule of no visiting all blogs until I get the project done!

I don't regret it!!!!!!!!!!

The bench is lovely! Beautiful color in that surroundings and unique without legs. I bet it folds up to the building during winter. . . we had an elevator bench much like it that did. I am so glad I did not miss this one!

I hope to be back to regular blogging in a week.

Paulie also known as PERBS on my bench blog

Cloudia said...

Aloha from Hawaii, Wil

Comfort Spiral

Kay said...

These are all so lovely, Wil. I remember sitting outside on the grass under one of those windmills and having our lunch there. There was a light breeze and the sun was shining. Sigh... It was so beautiful.

Titania said...

Hi Reader Wil. I love windmills as they produce wind power. The windmills are so ingenious. I think windmills are so much better for us.
Better then a hole in the earth. It seems BP has not done enough now they want to drill deep 2 miles into the sea floor in Alaska in a area which is not far from a protected area. They register their claim where it is easily accepted. They are warned again but do they listen? They are not even prosecuted for their negligence.

I had a look at your other posts. The reflections are very beautiful, and I love the Dutch countryside with the canals. Benches are very useful, especially when one is in a certain age!!

Hildegarde said...

Zandsculpturen te Kinderdijk ? of zijn het permanente beelden ? ziet er heel tof uit. Kinderdijk vind ik zo prachtig, heel af en toe rijden we erheen.
Prachtige locatie voor een bankje.
Mooie Texelse luchten ook.
Warme groetjes !

Anonymous said...

I love the old wind mills. It is hard to think of them as some working piece of machinery but they did and still do a lot of work.

Say hello to your family. I hope you are having nice weather. It is very hot and humid here. Like the tropics.

Patty said...

Dear Wil, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I should be doing some laundry as I set here typing. Have a memorial service to go to this evening, and lunch dishes are waiting. They say there is no rest for the wicked, perhaps someone is trying to tell me something. LOL Have a wonderful week. I love the two photos showing the windmills.

Ann said...

Hi Reader Wil,

when I see this meme, I always think of the benches of Singapore. the govt makes bumps in between the seats so that people can't sleep on them. Singapore wants to be very clean. they don't allow beggars or vagrant sleeping outside.

Next time I go to Singapore, I will take photos of them.

SandyCarlson said...

The angle of the wall of the windmill looks like the perfect back to this bench. I can imagine sitting there with the face inclined to the sun. Very nice shots.

Rosey said...

I like your idea for bench of the week. I can't wait to see more!

Love this one.