Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday The cruel Death of Jesus Christ

The opening choir of the St Matthew Passion by J.S.Bach. Conducted by the Dutch Ton Koopman - Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Soloists.
J.S.Bach (Eisenach, 21 maart 1685 - Leipzig, 28 juli 1750) knew how to express his feelings of sorrow and shock towards the cruel execution of this young, gentle, man, who preached love and respect for people and whose hands healed and blessed those around him.
Today I am going to listen to this music like I do every year on Good Friday.


Etje said...

Naar deze muziek kan in wel elke dag luisteren hoor

Anya said...

Fijn Paasweekend :-)
U zult wel moeten zingen vandaag in het koor !!!!!
Mijn moeder heeft ook altijd in een zangkoor meegezongen :-)

Geweldige muziek
en een fijne Goede Vrijdag

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

jeannette said...

On Good Friday we're driving 7 hours to go to our 2 daughters, but I'm taking the Mattheus Passion with me to listen to in the car (CD)!
Have a blessed Easter, Wil!

Dina said...

For you Good Friday must be a painful day of remembrance and identifying. May it be a moving and holy day.
Thank you for the music.
I have 2 tracks of it recorded on my computer (from a 1959 performance on a CD borrowed from my nun friends). I listen to them often.
But hearing Bach in a cathedral must be quite an experience.
Shalom Wil.

PERBS said...

What a moving post today and so appropriate. . . wanted to wish you Easter blessings!

Ann said...

Music is food for the soul. Such abeautfiul piece for easter.

Happy Easter.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful music! May your Easter bring joy beyond the sorrow.

George said...

You've high-lighted one of my favorite Bach compositions. What a meaningful way to observe Good Friday.

Riet said...

Wat prachtig is de Mathaus toch hè. Ik ben vroeger meerdere malen naar uitvoeringen geweest en tegenwoordig zie ik het meestal op TV.
Fijne Paasdagen

Barbara Martin said...

Fitting music for the day. May your weekend be blessed, Wil.

Etje said...

Ben er zeker van dat je gisteren van de muziek genoten hebt.

Fijn paaswekend

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is delighted to visit and discover that you've provided us with such beautiful BACHground music.

«Louis» has two Good Friday posts at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Mme la Vache et «Louis» wish you a blessed Easter.