Sunday, 11 October 2009

that's My World Alex Klaassen, A new Dutch Talent!.

I saw this Dutch cabaret performer, Alex Klaassen, on TV and enjoyed his performance so much, that I thought you might also like it, even if you don't understand it. Anyway the translation shows that it's about two lonely children wanting to play together. Instead of children singing, "two" opera singers sing it in their operatic way.

Male opera singer singing a duet with a female opera singer in a Dutch children's song.

Kom je strakjes bij me spelen
Want ik heb een nieuwe trein
En wel vijfentwintig auto's
En een grammofoon
Kom je strakjes bij me spelen
'k Heb ook een geheime steen
En ik ben alleen (la, la...)


Kom je strakjes bij me spelen
'k Heb ook poppen en een koek
En een boek met vliegtuigplaatjes
Een pistool met schijf
Kom je strakjes bij me spelen
'k Heb ook nog een step te leen
En ik ben alleen

Both singers together.

Kom je strakjes bij me spelen
Of misschien dan morgen wel
'k Heb een nieuwe fluit gekregen
En een schimmenspel
Kom je ooit nog bij me spelen
Behalve jou ken ik geen
Want ik ben alleen


Would you come and play with me
For I have a nice new train
And as many as twenty-five cars
And a record player
Would you come and play with me
I 've also a secret stone
And I am alone( la, la..)

Would you come and play with me
I've got dolls and a cake
And a book with plane pictures
A pistol and a disk
Would you come and play with me
I've got a scooter too on loan
And I am alone...

Would you come and play with me
Or perhaps tomorrow then
I have got a new flute
And a shadow show
Will you ever play with me
For except you I know none
And I am alone...

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Dina said...

LOL What a funny idea to sing it this way. This singer is amazing! :)

Stine in Ontario said...

He has a great voice and a terrific sense of humour! He's definately going to be noticed.

Brenda said...

I enjoy songs in other languages, and he did a great job here. The legs and shoes were a little odd though. Haha...gave me a chuckle!
I have missed a few of your posts for some reason. I love the swan photo and story. Have a great day Wil!

George said...

This is very enjoyable even if I had to look at the translation. Thanks for sharing this with us.

The Weaver of Grass said...

What lovely gentle words reader wil.

Erin said...

enjoyed this very much...and thanks for the translation!

Snap said...


This is wonderful. I always enjoy music. Thanks for the translation ... I love it!

Dirkjogt said...

Eens een andere manier om een kinderliedje te horen, heel plezant.

Sylvia K said...

This is terrific and such fun! What a great, different way to look/listen to your world, Wil! I love it!

Have a great week!


jeannette stgermain said...

Oh, what a funny performance!It made this cloudy day sunny!
But the words of the song are sad though.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Wil: Very nicely done.

SandyCarlson said...

That's one talented singer.

Wren said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing some of your world's fun with us.

Ebie said...

OMG! He is such a talent. Very good synchrony with the voice and feet. Wow, very impressive!

Etje said...

Heb dat ook eens op tv gezien en was direct fan

Tes said...

Oh wow, great voice and amazing sense of humor! Hahaha! Enjoyable!

Pacey said...

I enjoyed the song Wil. :) and btw, I took the photo of the high surf. Have a nice week!

Vagabonde said...

Il a de bonnes cordes vocales pour chanter comme cela – c’est assez rare.