Tuesday, 15 September 2009

ABC Wednesday I for ILLEGAL

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Peeling an orange in a hotel room is ILLEGAL.

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Painting a horse is ILLEGAL.

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Fishing for trout from the back of giraffe is ILLEGAL.

All these laws were once passed in the USA and in the UK.

1.It's ILLEGAL to die in the Houses of Parliament!

I found this in my newspaper and thought it rather hilarious!

The law above is one of the top ten of the most ridiculous laws compiled by a panel of 4000 British people. Here are the other nine:
2.It is ILLEGAL and an act of treason to put a stamp with the image of the queen upside down on the envelope.
3.In Liverpool it's ILLEGAL if a woman walks about topless, unless she works in a shop of tropical fish.
4.It's ILLEGAL to eat pies on Boxingday.
5.If some one knocks on your door in Scotland asking if he may use your toilet, you are obliged to let him in. It's ILLEGAL to refuse this request.
6.A pregnant woman is permitted to answer nature's call wherever she wants, even in the helmet of a policeman.
7.The head of any dead whale, found on the British coast becomes the king's property, the tail goes to the queen. Any other decision is ILLEGAL.
8.It is ILLEGAL to keep silent to the tax inspector about the things you don't want to tell him.But it is legal to keep silent about the information you don't mind him to know.
9.It is ILLEGAL to enter the Houses of Parliament in armour.
10.It is not ILLEGAL to kill a Scotsman within the old walls of the City of York, but only if he carries bow and arrow

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It's ILLEGAL to take your clothes off while having a bath in a bathtub.


Dina said...

It really makes you wonder, doesn't it.
Great post, Wil (as always).

Miss_Yves said...

Incroyable !

Sylvia K said...

Oh, this is terrific, Wil! What a hoot! Love to start the day with a big laugh and this did it! And it does indeed make you wonder. And, as always, a delightful post!



Janice Thomson said...

How funny! We have ridiculous ancient laws still in effect here too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

They made me smile, reader wil. I particularly like the idea of an upside down stamp - when we were children we were always told never to put the stamp on upside down. There certainly were some silly laws, weren't they? Love the idea of fishing for trout off the back of a giraffe.

ArneA said...

should be nominated as Post of the Day.
Hope you see my comment David

photowannabe said...

Thanks for giving me a laugh today. Laws are incredibly funny sometimes.

RuneE said...

A great compilation, but that last one became my favourite!

Mara said...

Do you think it would be okay if I were to peel an apple in a hotel room? And if I were to slice the orange and spoon its insides out?
A great find for I!

Pacey said...

Those are funny caricatures Wil and I so love them. My li'l girl would love to do some of them, she's a cartoonist at their school's herald. :) Groetjes!

Babooshka said...

Have to agree incredibly funny.

Monika said...

LOL this was good one :)


Anya said...

U maakt ons allemaal aan het lachen
Geweldig blogje,
ik hou wel van humor :)))))))
Fijne avond :)

Vicki Lane said...

Too funny!

Hildred and Charles said...

I knew about the stamp and the Queen, but really, - the last one?????

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Haah! Interesting Reader will, what is possible to do, or nót (illegal) to do in anybody's life . In every countrie it will differ, whats 'done'or not done, Good post I love it!

Greetings JoAnn/Holland
I join ABC wednesday

richies said...

Why is it that many laws are made, but few are repealed. Very funny post. :)

An Arkies Musings

Leslie: said...

These are hilarious! And they're so ridiculous in our day and age it makes one wonder how people thought in those days. :D

Cloudia said...

A charming post!
And we loved your Sunday flowers too, Wil.


Comfort Spiral

Paula Scott said...

How hysterical! They are all so insanely ridiculous! And, I wouldn't doubt that many are still in effect!
Thanks to the inspiring post!

Rose said...

So funny, Reader Wil! We have a lot of silly laws throughout the U.S., too, varying from state to state. It always makes me wonder what these legislators were thinking of!

Tumblewords: said...

Ohmigosh! I've heard of some weird illegals but these are stranger than those I knew! :) What fun...

Brenda said...

The one about the upside down stamp made me remember that when I was a young girl, it meant that you loved the person you were sending the letter to. Those were funny....

~JarieLyn~ said...

Your post is so delightful. Those laws are hilarious. I am still laughing, especiallly about fishing for trout from the back of a giraffe. Really, now. How many people do you think have ever broken that law?

Etje said...

Sommige wetten zijn toch om je krom te lachen he.

Fijne woensdag

Jama said...

What a good laugh I had reading the illegals note! lol

magiceye said...

thank you for the hilarity!

anthonynorth said...

Oh, I particularly like No 10, especially as I'm originally from York, and my wife is part Scot :-)

Ann said...

Didn't know about the orange. Interesting.

I guess you know about durian, illegal almost everywhere.

Did you eat any durian in you days in Indonesia?

Roger Owen Green said...

You don't want to know about MY illegal activities! Love it!

Jay said...

I regularly break law No. 4! Even if it's only mince pies. I suspect most people do! LOL!

Fun post - some of those I didn't know. Love the one about the pregnant woman and the policeman's helmet!

Arkansas Patti said...

These are just too funny. The scary part is when they were drafted, they made perfect sense.
Thank you for a fun morning.
I have something about one of your country men in todays post.

jabblog said...

Oh yes - the law is an ass!

Judi said...

LOL! These are great.

Anonymous said...

Your illegals are more interesting than ours or some of those I know about.

In our town it is illegal to drive a car on public streets after dark. But it is no longer enforced.

Ann said...

Hi Wil,

I tag you, enjoy

Sunday Meme

This is a post with a difference from The Butler and Bagman. I have followed the first four steps. I don't know how to tag, can any one tell me.

Sunday Meme from Sarah Lulu
I've been trying this morning to catch up on my blogbrowsing and Sarah Lulu had an intriguing meme...so what the heck. Here's the meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Thanks on your comment. Yes, I am the queen of durian. I am a second generation Borneo Chinese. I just love durian.

I must post a White People's durian. This one doesn't smell.




Etje said...

Omdat het nog zo vroeg is en ik niet wist wat te doen ben ik hier op je blog nog eens komen rond neuzen, en hier valt heel wat te leren hoor.

antigoni said...

Are they true? My God, they are so funny. Great post, Wil.

The Tile Lady said...

These were a riot! Thanks for sharing such funnies!

Gretchen said...

Too funny! It's amazing when we see all the truly STUPID laws that are out there. :)