Sunday, 1 March 2009

Today's Flowers: Plants from Yesterday in France

The photos were taken during our holiday in France, Messanges. This week was dedicated to France.
The first photo was taken by my Dutch daughter. Here you see an oleander bush and banana trees.
The last photo represents some banana trees too.Click to enlarge.

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Gilbert Bécaud sings and you can hear him in the video of the next post.
For translation of refrain and one verse, scroll down.

c’est la rose,
c’est la rose,
c’est la rose,
Translation into English
What's important is the rose (3x)
Believe me

Toi pour qui, donnant donnant,
J’ai chanté ces quelques lignes,
Comme pour te faire un signe
En passant
Dis à ton tour maintenant
Que la vie n’a d’importance
Que pour une fleur qui danse
Sur le temps…
You for whom I have sung, giving giving,
these few lines
as to make you a sign in passing you.
Now it's your turn to tell me
That life has no importance
but for a flower that dances
in the wind.

This was the front garden of our holiday home in Messanges, France from August 4th till August 11th, 2007. There were not many flowers but the banana trees were very decorative. We had a wonderful view of the forest.

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i love the garden with all the beautiful flowers. What is that plant with the big leaves?

TheWritersPorch said...

I love the Oleander Wil......
We have several of them, both the Pink and White!

Rose said...

I think if I were there, I would not want to leave the place. I would sit out there and sip my iced tea and read a book and think that life is good!

P-TER said...

We hebben hier bij ons ook jaren bananenbomen gehad,
maar ze zijn nu door het koude weer helemaal verdwenen.
Prachtig om te zien,
het straalt daar een apparte sfeer uit.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos, I have never seen a banana plant.......

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots. A beautiful spot for a meal outside.

Arija said...

Nice Oleander in the first one and lovely lush banana leaves.

Darla said...

Beautiful. Looks like summertime, I need to be in that chair with a drink with a tiny umbrella!!

Titania said...

Good memories of happy times. A lovely summer garden. The banana plants look really lush.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Great garden, Wil. Your vacation home was lovely.

Day4plus said...

Very nice----A book a pot of tea and I am set. MB

Fotos da Lurdes said...

Lovely garden with flowers and a banana tree...Very beautiful shots.,,
Thanks for your nice comment.

Mariamellie said...

Dear Wil! Apa Kabar? do you still remember this Indonesian greetings? =) my dear Wil, where is it? it looks so tropical like in Indonesia, the garden and the house! it would be so nice to chat with you here with a cup of jasmine tea, and I do love your cats! =)

Cloudia said...

A lovely place for a moment with a friend. Aloha-

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Oleander is such a gorgeous plant. I don't grow them here in Canada though.

My Today’s Flower’s post is at
More of Me - EG

Carletta said...

This looks like a lovely place to spend time! It must have been nice to be surrounded by such beauty.

Mines on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

Ann said...

The banana trees look very lush like the ones I grew in Singapore. I suppose it is just for decor, you don't get any fruit,like the ones grown here in Auckland.

guild-rez said...

Love the kitty, banana and flower pictures..
The song is beautiful too.
Thank you for sharing!

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Reader Wil

J'aime la France.
Le jardin est trés joli!
La poesie est aussi trés belle!

Mon grand pére, pére de ma mére, etait française!
Il est arrivé au Brasil dans le 19 th ciècle!
J'ai 68 ans, je me vien à lídée sa image quand je etait en âgë de cinque ans.

Bon Jour, mon ami


Judy said...

what a wonderful front garden!! it must have been hard to leave!
also love the puss in the next post - who says they are all aloof??

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Ah mon cherie ami Reader Wil!

Nous parlons comme deux enfants, alors!

My Best


Happily Retired Gal said...

What a beautiful garden! I used to grow Oleander in my previous home decades ago so it's fun to see again. Your header is marvelous and your blog always a pleasure to visit!
Hugs and blessings,

Brenda said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Barbara Martin said...

The garden would be so peaceful just to sit in and relax.