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Rotterdam, the Netherlands in "that's My World"

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Rotterdam is the town where I was born 75 years ago, so it's normal that I start my tour in My World there.
Rotterdam is the second important city in the Netherlands, it had also been the first seaport in the world for a long time and still belongs to the main ports in Europe. In 1340 it got the franchise of a town and in 1360 it got a town wall. Before this time it was but a small fishing village. Rotterdam became more and more important, that's the reason why it was heavily bombed on May,14th 1940.Eighthundred people were killed and 800,000 were homeless. The towncentre was in ruins. After the war the citizens of Rotterdam worked hard to rebuild the town. Now there are some remarkable examples of modern architecture among the older buildings which were left unharmed. On our walk we took some photos of those buildings.

Rotterdam had the tallest building in Europe until 1923. The “Het Witte Huis” (The White House) was built in 1898 in American style, designed by architect W. Molenbroek. This 43-meter high building was built at a time when tall buildings like this were not a common sight; that’s why its architecture looks like an oversized house. “Het Witte Huis” stands out in the Rotterdam landscape. It is one of the few buildings that survived the bombardment in May 1940.

One of the major attractions in the Rotterdam architecture are the Cubic Houses, built in 1984 by Piet Blom. These are 39 cube-shaped dwellings which are still inhabited. If you’re curious to know how one can live in a house like this, you can visit one of them! Near the cubic houses there is the Rotterdam library, which also stands out for its pyramid-like shape: eight diminishing floors with yellow tubes around the building.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

that was really interesting thanks for sharing............

Gill in Canada

Louise said...

Nice post. I'm lookign forward to learning more about your world!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I've enjoyed finding out Rotterdam.. The Whitehouse is a charming building for sure.. I will be ready next week to read more.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh what beauty and interest you have captured those cube houses fascinate me.

CrazyCath said...

I have never seen a house quite like that White House! This is a wonderful post about a city I have sung about and never seen. Thank you.

And you are 75? Did you say "born 75 years ago"? Wow. ;0)

kjpweb said...

Thank you so much, young Lady for this post! Just what the doctor ordered! A perfect start for MyWorld!
I've been there only once and enjoyed it a lot!
Cheers, Klaus

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Rotterdam looks like a beautiful city. I am look forward to finding out more about the Netherlands!

Ivar Ivrig said...

One of the places I want to visit is Amsterdam, but after seeing your pictures I do beslieve I might stop by in Rotterdam as well. Thank you for joining

Pernille said...

Netherland is a beautyful country! This was very interesting. Wonderful post!:)

RuneE said...

I must first thank you for the kind words about Norway and Bergen. There has always been a close connection between Bergen and the Netherlands. I have visited Amsterdam and other places in the Netherlands, but never Rotterdam - you have given me good reason to do so. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

fascinating cyber tour. i look forward to more in the coming weeks.

Rose said...

Nice slide show you had here!

fishing guy said...

Wil: Rotterdam is an amazing city and you have so much to show along with a great heritage. Thanks for joing in.

Denise BC said...

Hi, the Netherlands has a very different and interesting architecture, these homes cubes already knew from pictures of the Internet, congratulations for the beautiful world, great start in the new meme.
Hugs from Brazil

Texas Travelers said...

Great post. I really enjoyed this very much. I love geography and history. This had a lot of both. I have seen several TV shows about the port of Rotterdam.

Great photos.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more next week.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

Reader Wil said...

Gill and Louise thank you! Your countries are also beautiful.
Tom and Marcia I enjoyed seeing your posts.
Crazycath thank you! I wonder what song you sung about Rotterdam.
Klaus! Young Lady??? Huh??? I feel honoured,lol!!
Your eg tour guide you will see more of Holland, but not only Rotterdam.
Ivar, thank you! If you go to Rotterdam, don't forget to see the windmills at Kinderdijk, at 15 km from R'dam.
Pernille thanks, yes it's sometimes beautiful here but it's "flat som en pannekake".
Runee thank you! We used to go to the Norske Sjomannskirke in Rotterdam. They will receive you with open arms and show you around.
Ewok and Rose thank you for your kind words.
Fishing Guy, thanks! Did you know that originally R'dam started as a fishing village?
Thank you Denise for the kind comment.

CrazyCath said...

Hi Wil,
The song had a reference to Rotterdam, rather than be about it. Looking at the lyrics now (properly) I do wonder if it is complimentary about your town or not. I certainly cast no aspersions on Rotterdam - this song made me wonder about Rotterdam and dream about it! lol I can still see the singer with her arms outstretched singing "Anywhere alone" and it made me like Rotterdam. ;0)
The song was by the Beautiful South - Rotterdam (or Anywhere).
The lyrics are below-

"And the women tug their hair
Like they're trying to prove it won't fall out
And all the men are gargoyles
Dipped long in Irish stout
The whole place is pickled
The people are pickles for sure
And no-one knows if they've done more here
Than they ever would do in a jar

This could be
Rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or Rome
'Cause Rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone
Anywhere alone

(That's the bit I remember most and goes around in my head!)

And everyone is blonde
And everyone is beautiful
and when blonde and beautiful are multiple
they become so dull and dutiful
And when faced with dull and dutiful
They fire red warning flares
Battle-Khaki personality
With red underwear

This could be
Rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or Rome
'Cause Rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone
Anywhere alone

The whole place is pickled
The people are pickles for sure
And no-one knows if they've done more here
Than they ever would do in a jar

This could be
Rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or Rome
'Cause Rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone

Reader Wil said...

Crazycath thank you so much! It's so funny. It shows that Rotterdam is a seaport with a lot of sailors.

Rebeckah said...

Cubical houses? Well, that is like the coolest thing ever : ). I always love your pictures and your stories. Thank you for sharing! You are a blessing.

Rebeckah said...

PS That architecture is truly amazing! I had to look at the pictures three times. I am amazed!

Dar's Foto Faze said...

Beautiful photos and wonderful information.

John said...

Flott slide show og meget interesant informasjon om Rotterdam.
Det ble et i hu og hast innlegg så jeg skal få med info om Drammen neste gang :)

April said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour of Rotterdam and would love to see it one day. Fantastic architecture - I found the Cubic Houses fascinating, and it would be interesting to see the inside. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and a very interesting commentary about Rotterdam. Thank you for sharing your world!

Migs CFL fan said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!


leslie said...

Great photos! I know quite a few Dutch people because the school where I used to teach was begun by Dutch of the Christian Reformed Church. Some day I'd love to see your homeland. :D

Carver said...

What a fantastic slide show and interesting post. Great photographs!

Cuckoo said...

I have been to Amsterdam many times and could relate to these photos.

Thanks for sharing them.


Arija said...

Thank you for sharing your Rotterdam with us. You have some beautiful city views with water and interesting architecture.

Lawstude said...

Thanks for the wonderful trip around your place. So very much different from my place but I do wanna share my place also to you. Great job.

Carletta said...

Fascinating images!
I love the White House - great architecture - and the Cube Houses are pretty cool!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello Wil. It's been a while since I've stopped by. Sorry about that! Great pics. Thanks for the interesting little history lesson. Very informative.
Take care and have a great week.

Rural Writer said...

What a great slideshow. I enjoyed all the info about Rotterdam. I'll be interested to see more. Thanks for sharing.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Rebeckah, and Dar's foto faze! Thank you so much for your kind words. I also like visiting your blog and shall do that today but first I'll go to my work.
Mange takk John for å skrive på
Norsk! Jeg synes at Drammen er meget interesant. Saerlig bildene dine er meget flotte.Ha det bra!
April thanks. Yes I would like to show the inside too. I can assure you that it's very comfortable.
Piedmontperspective and Migs thank you too!
Hi Leslie, I belong to the Dutch Reformed Church. Well if you come to Holland I could be your guide!
Carver, Cockoo and Arija thanks! Amsterdam has more older buildings because it was not bombed during WW II. Amsterdam is more beautiful actually.
Lawstude, thanks and I certainly want to see your place, when I am back from my work!
Carletta, yes the cubic houses are cool!
Lisa, glad to see you again!Take care.
Rural writer thanks for the visit. I like to see all your blogs. Have a great day.

Leena said...

I found out reading your fine blog, that You are the most mesmerizing person, who I can imagine :)

Greetings from the eastern part of Finland, and from the retired teacher too,( biology and geography ) ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Greyscale Territory said...

Your slideshow is a magical taste of your world!

antigoni said...

Excellent post for your home town!

magiceye said...

it is a beautiful world indeed!!

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" enjoyed the slide show of 'Your World!'

Lapa37 said...

Nice pictures and wonderful information. Thanks for taking us to your home.

AphotoAday said...

Interesting history of the Rotterdam... It's a place I'd love to visit, but of course I probably never will -- so thanks for the photos...

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely short history lesson and beautiful pictures to look at!!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Leena thank you so much for your very kind comment!
Thanks also Gemma, Antigoni, Magiceye, Louis, Lapa, Aphotoaday,and Mar for your visits and your kind comments. Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful look at your hometown. I have some pictures of my hometown at

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Beautiful city and very interesting details.

babooshka said...

My friend moved to the Netherlands a few years ago from London and he said he is staying for good. I can see why. Rotterdam always looks so beautiful.

Janice Thomson said...

Excellent photos Wil - the White House architecture is fabulous.
I'd love to see the inside of one of those cubic houses - the angles of the walls must be something else again.

Agring said...

It's beautiful place and great slides. Thanks for sharing your world.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

You've got some pretty interesting building in your neck of the woods. Thanks for all the history! This is suck a fun new meme!

TSannie said...

A slideshow...great idea. Nice to find out about where everyone lives.

Dina said...

Such great glimpses of Rotterdam and such good information. Thanks, Wil. Shocking info from the war time.