Monday, 1 September 2008

Tjapukai, North Queensland, Australia.

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Tjapukai is the place where tourists can learn a little bit of the history of the first inhabitants of Australia. We learnt something about the way they hunted, made fire, threw the boomerang. We heard one of them play the didgeridoo, imitating the sounds of the dingo and the kookaberra. A good show for tourists! BTW Tjapukai is the name of an Aboriginal tribe.

What does Tjapukai mean?

Tjapukai means "Rainforest"

Bama means People, thus the term "People of the Rainforest" which is often used to describe Tjapukai.


Migration - Tjapukai people were nomads within their own tribal boundaries.

Firestick farming - The Tjapukai people would trade within the tribe or with their neighbouring tribes.

Beliefs - The major beliefs are in the Elder's knowledge and reincarnation.

Tribal law - The Tjapukai people are very adaptable. They cope with their own laws (lores) as well as todays laws.

Tjapukai is not as severe as some other tribal groups in Auastralia when it comes to physical punishments, for example some tribes would spear each other in the leg as a punishment, you will not find that with the Tjapukai people. However, all tribes inflict the harshest of all punishments, which is Ostrasisation - to be banished from your family or your own community or town.

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