Thursday, 11 September 2008

In Heaven there are no books



My books have always been my favourite things. Photos taken of me as a child, depict me with an open book, which I wanted to show to the photographer, in this case my dad.

I remember a conversation I had with my mum when I was seven. I asked what war was. My mother said that it was bad and people were fighting, I was told that as soon as the sirens were heard, I had to go to the nearest house to take shelter. So I could die, was my conclusion. Then I found a basket and put my favourite books in it. I told my mum, that these were the books I wanted to take with me, when I went to heaven.
I don't remember her answer, but I didn't know then, that there are no books in heaven. Still books are for me heaven on earth. When we were imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp, we had to leave everything behind, so also my books. I remember that I destroyed all of them, for I thought:"If I cannot keep them, the Japs won't have them either!"
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Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" appreciates this post! He loves to read and has more than 500 books.

kjpweb said...

Love it!
Cheers, Klaus

Middle Ditch said...

This looks like my husband's office. Books everywhere. He loves his books and good for you to destroy those beloved books so the Japanese could not have them.

Thank you so much for that award. I'm deeply honoured.

But, unfortunately, I can't announce my favorite blogs on Middle Ditch because that blog doesn't work like that. It's purely audio. I hope that I do not disappoint you.

Thank you again, I'm really pleased that you enjoy the story.

Blue said...

Books or rather reading was one of my first Favourite Things posts.
Like you I have books in every room, well my bathrooms to small for a book case so it's on the landing right next to the door.

I can underststand why but it must have been so hard to distroy your books.

TY for participating.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hi Reader wil,

Great story , war is also difficalt to explain to children, nice bookcases, I need them too!

Sorry for not reacting/answering earlier, I have (my thirth) a bad modem(s) and I am out-house all the time, not much behind the PC.

(sorry voor niet eerder reageren: mijn 3e modem is stuk, dus heb steeds geen internet, ben weinig thuis en (geen verbinding) internet dus weinig)

Bye dag van JoAnn's D Eyes

Photo Cache said...

If you have coffee brewing in your kitchen, I think I'd do my browsing here in your place than at Barnes and Noble. :)

Books are good. They're the best friends we could find.

antigoni said...

Very toughing. Every book has a story. You can write a story about your life. It will be very interesting.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Are all of these books yours? Abe use to have one wall in his office lined with books, he slowly gave them all away, has kept a few, but they only take up about two small shelves now.

Arija said...

Your story about destroying your bookd brought to mind that as the advancin Russian front bore down upon Latvia, he was fighting against them in our home town. During the inevitable fall back,many years later when we found hin again after the war, he told me he had burned down the house our father had built rather than leave it for the Russians.

Nice skywatch photos too.

Gretchen said...

I don't believe there are no books (or animals) in Heaven. If it's suppose to be the most perfect place where there is nothing but happiness, how can that be if the things that make us the happiest aren't allowed? Doesn't sound like a perfect place if books and animals aren't allowed. I'll go where the dogs and books are. :)

Leedra said...

Well, I have never thought about no books in heaven. If we love books, and I too love to read, how could there not be books in heaven? There has to be, even if it is just photography books.

nonizamboni said...

Appreciated this touching post about books and reading. The photos you shared actually tell the story very well on their own.
Thanks for sharing.

Dina said...

Gosh Wil, what a story.
Maybe you want to come with us to Jewish heaven? HaOlam HaBa, the World To Come, is said to be a place where we can have the whole day just to study Torah.

Janice Thomson said...

A touching post and great photos of all those books Wil.
I love books too and have a great many particularly in art and poetry as well as philosophy. I'd far rather read than watch TV - and usually do :)

Reader Wil said...

Of course Dina I'd love to go with you to Jewish Heaven, as long as it is heaven.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you all for your comments!